Sunday, September 6, 2020

Short but hilly

 Today, it started raining on me during my walk. Normally, that wouldn't be a deal breaker, but I also had a need to use a restroom, so I headed back to the car. I thought: well, at least my post won't be 200 pictures!!! A good thing, right?

I am not sure if I missed the 2nd pineapple (see photo later), but I always smile when I see pineapples. They take a while to grow to completion, but they are awfully cute when they are on the way.
Lotus flower
Huge orchid in jail
If you peek into the center of a big bromeliad, sometimes you are rewarded with nice flowers inside!
Plumeria flower and bud

The just opening new succulent

Dolphin napping in jail.
I call 'em egg flowers, because they look like the yolk and white of eggs.

Mr. Lizard paused while I took a photo of him and his shadow. I'm sure he was singing the song in his mind. HA.

I'm considering having a small pot with water combat mosquitoes. However, Lavender lotion seems to also work.

Watermelon looking good in prison.
The bud and plant of the new succulent.

My fave color of Hibiscus
Big orchid in jail again.

These red roses have the most incredible fragrance. 
Orchids on their stem. Can't even fit 'em all in the photo.

Saint in garden (also jail...inside the fence.)

Love the buds on the leaves of these plants.

Sugary flowers have more buds on the way below.
I haven't seen these for a while and really enjoy them when I can get a snap.

Angel, bird and santa with a snorkel
Bougainvillea with tiny flowers

Breadfruit (ulu)
Rose bud

Creamy flowers

Roses with water drops

A bird, probably, ate the inside of this fruit. It's completely hollow.
Near the great rose garden. I also like the angel.
Fruit/seeds in jail.

Look how hairy this plant is!
This lizard totally sat and let me take pix.
Mexican poppy flower


I see these all the time. And yet, don't know their name!
Same with these flowers...
Light makes a real difference.
The great smelling rose, with water drops
Saffron Finch escaping jail.
I was surprised to spot the dots on this fruit.

Weeds coming up:

You can see the helicopter blades both on the left and in the seed pod on the right.
I can see how some gardeners would not like these weeds, as they do seem to strangle out other plants, but I think they are pretty and also complicated.
This is the type of flower that goes with the yellow seed pod that's empty, above.


Another new flower. I am so busy!
Love these delicate orchids.
Moon and clouds

These are really small flowers that I normally ignore: I was wrong to do so!

See? 2 pineapples (in jail)

Orchids and koi and pretend ducks

Purple nice flower
Mystery again. 

We are about to graduate into fall...hoping that Hanauma Bay will reopen, once it's safe. Then I can take pix of octopuses again!

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