Sunday, May 20, 2018

More Venizia!

On this trip, I tried to take fewer pix. Taking photos does remove you from the scene, sort get involved in the shot and miss what is going on around you, sometimes.  So instead of 300 to 500 shots each day, I averaged probably 150. Some habits are hard to break.
 Alex goofing near statuary that has been stolen a few times...
 Armored Alex!
 Churches abounded on our trip.
 Alex listening to tour narration by a local guide.
 Pasta Carbonara!

 So much lovely glass. I was saved from buying it by remembering how breakable it is.

 Everyone has a boat, not a car. No cars in Venice. It is quieter by far.
 Campari Spritz at the hotel.

 There were so many shots just begging to be taken.
 Cruise ship visiting Venice in the Grand Canal. They can't get closer, due to low water levels.
 Domo has a beer.

 We did visit the Outside of the Rock Shop. But didn't go in.

 Horses get armor too.
 Karen in the Columbia shirt. Love those pockets! and of course, a foulard! (scarf)
 Very good cellist outside the church.
 More armor.
 My lunch: lasagne with no tomato sauce! and it was GOOD.

 Below, our Venice hotel from the front door. Nice hotel. Small elevator. :)

The leaning tower. We discovered that many cities in Italy have leaners...not just Pisa. 

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