Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I think Florence is one of my favorite Italian cities. Granted, I haven't been to that many Italian cities recently, but this is one I really enjoy.

Below, a cistern...water was kept in here. And I thought of Biblical Joseph, who was thrown into one by his brothers...Imagine trying to get out!
 For my pal, Lisa, who loves cobblestones..

 Cooling off with Alex.

A cross without Jesus on it! Thank you, God, for His resurrection! Most of the Catholic crosses still have Jesus on them....
 Doors. These panels depict Bible stories, and were made by artists who competed for the honor.

 Amazing churches. Each one different.

 John baptising Jesus.
 Me and my Tilley hat!

My faithful naviguesser:
 Just a few of the wonderful shop windows...

The outside David. This is a copy of the one that is inside.
 Even old statues must endure pigeon poop. Note how muscular. The people of that time were not able to view women models, so they made male bodies and put female parts on them as they needed.
 Statue of Michelangelo....do you know his last name?
 This was a street artist, who painted himself all in silver to ask for coins.

Hotel Silla balcony. We could have breakfast out there. Quite lovely.

 A wooden facade of the planned facade for the church.
You could not pay me enough to get on this crane!!

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