Monday, May 15, 2017

Eels in holes...and an octopus builds its home!

OK, So I cannot prove this octopus put these rocks around its den...but it sure looked like it to me!
Needless to say, I was thrilled to spot this octopus, having not seen one yesterday. Even more thrilled to see that it was near the shore and apparently had built itself a little home, with rock walls and all. I must have been too far above it, too, because it hardly moved.  Well, continued to breathe of course, but other than that, nada!
And two eels in holes.  Separately.

Not sure what the first one was, but the 2nd was def a snowflake eel. Just another good reason not to put your hand in any holes. Even if you THINK it's empty.
Nice shell, which I left there:
Maybe 3/4 inch long.

Trunk fish:
Scooting along.
And a red goby. I've been seeing more of these...
Not sure if these have been here all along or are a new addition. At any rate, perhaps I missed them in my octo-quests.
This is the fish that guards coral.  And not sure what the green fish was.  I didn't see it until I got these pix home...

And a leftover from fishermen:
Instead of using lead, they use a golf ball.  It had a lure screwed into its exterior. I also picked up 3 separate fishing lines that had been left by fishermen. When the line breaks off, they do not come in to retrieve it! I try always to pick these lines up, since I do carry scissors, so they don't snag on anything else. The golf ball came home with me and now resides in the trash...

My best guess on this is that it's waste from some marine animal. The symmetry amazes me:
Wild, huh? I try hard to imagine what animal could make this, but so far, am coming up empty.

And last but not least, a surprise turtle! I see it, looked shocked, take a quick picture and go the other way. This one was BIG!
It didn't some into the beach...perhaps too may sunbathers there. Nice swim. After all, there was an octopus! Thanks, God.

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