Sunday, February 12, 2017

I was starting to think I'd be skunked.....

Well, it was 115th photo of 148 before I saw an octopus!

There were TOO many people in the water, walking around, and getting in my way....oy vey.  I was careful not to run into them, but perhaps it was the constant bobbing up to make sure no one was coming onto my path that kept me from spotting an octopus earlier....But as you may know, any day with an octopus is a good day!
Awww, so cute.  TOTALLY not interested in my waggling fingers, either.  So darned independent! You can see its eye and just below, the white of the siphon.  He was pretty good at hiding.
I had planned to ignore the big pond today, as I'm still recovering from the allergies/cold or whatever it is...But the water looked nice (other than the sea of humanity that was in it) so I ventured in.
Saw plenty of shells, and some came with crabs, too.

It's very obvious to me where it is, but if you have any trouble, look above the white rock in the middle.  The shell is scrunched down into the hole...great hiding.  If the shell weren't so shiny, it would be harder to see.

This shell has an electric blue crab in on the photo if you can't see its legs..
In this one, you can also see the blue eye stalks.  This shell was probably quite old, as its exterior was really mucked up.  But still useful for the crab.  Quite good protection.

This crab was a greenish one...look at the top of the shell...little tiny legs!
Urchins abounded.  This is one I caught with my camera:
You can see some of the other stuff that is on the urchin's surface. Also how prickly they are!  I always wonder how people avoid getting poked, when they walk around without fins on..or shoes for that matter.

And for my sweetheart, a lizard fish!  Quite a big specimen.  Not the largest I've ever seen, but bigger than the usual:

It didn't like me being kept moving, hoping I would go away.  Non, non, mon frere!
And a very cute Sergeant Major.  Tiny and his brother..super tiny...
I guess you have to really look...just below the center of the photo is the littlest one and below that one, a bigger one.  They get a lot bigger, so these little ones hide where they have the least chance of getting caught...

I was able to catch a Brighteye Chromis today.
Look for the yellow or the shiny eyes...So quick and so cute.  Always darting for cover.
There were a couple of young Rock Mover Wrasses.  It still amazes me how tough these fish are!  They can pick up biggish rocks and throw them around.  
This one was acting weird...kept itself underneath the rock..hardly darted out at all.  Strange.
And I was blessed by seeing a black Leaf Fish:
I always see them leaning on surrounding rocks.

This gives you a big better idea of the size of the fish.  Maybe 3 inches long, all told. 
And they sway in the current, so they really do look like leaves!
And cannot have a post without a box fish for Alex:
I liked how this one was bending his tail to steer when I caught his picture.

Since I went swimming after church, there are no cool cloud photos and no palm trees.  Oh, the crowds that were there!  Definitely put me off scenic shots.  I didn't even take a photo of the one seal that was snoozing on the beach. Well roped off and protected, though.
So I'll end with another Juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse shot:
You can see the rust colored "antlers" to the left, above his eye.  Cool, non?
And have a great week.  I will be starting a new job, so please pray for continued blessings!

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