Monday, June 5, 2023

Bright trails of light

 I have been fortunate to see over 200 meteors in the past few months. I am amazed and grateful. Nice viewing. No pics, though. They are just too fast! If you want video, see Ichi Tanaka on youtube. 

The Moon reappeared...more's the pity. Not that I don't like the Moon, but its light makes the stars less visible.

Saffron Finch

There are so many Plumeria shades. I am not sure why, but sometimes the colors are less fragrant than the white with yellow ones.


Nice clouds. With a bit of rainbow!

A lizard for my sweetheart. This one was advertising with his orange fan at the throat, but of course, it didn't do that when I could catch it with my camera.

Looking up, perhaps to see the lizard. Note the folded foot. I am surprised it doesn't hurt her knee. She is still young.....

Are there more treats, perhaps?

Laser focus. She gets up and wanders away when she has detected no further treats.

Streetlight and Moon

Morning's pretty pink clouds

Another flower that I don't know the name of. Just another pretty in a long line of unknowns.

Rainbow, hiding behind poles and wires.

Nene in flying in a V.

Awaiting the ball release.

Wrinkly forehead

Moon and cloud

Christmas Wrasse

Rock Mover Wrasse. They turn over rocks looking for food. 

Snowflake Moray eel
Collector Urchin

This rainbow was hard to get!  While swimming on my stomach, I popped up, snapped it and fell back down. I'll bet I made a splash.

Little female Trunk Fish. Swimming away. That's what they do.

Humu didn't like me in its territory.

Christmas Wrasse
Abudefduf. Still like saying that.

Nice Flea Bite Cone shell
The Rock Mover was traveling with a small trevally. Never did find what they were digging for.

The lady standing in her tennis shoes never even knew this Cornet Fish was there!

Pencil urchin finally caught some light.

Rock Mover clown face...
and tail.
A single ray from God. Normally at least 2 rays, one on either side of the cloud.

It was great to get into the water before my doc appt. And I didn't get the expected scoldings, so that was great also!

Thanks for reading.

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