Sunday, March 5, 2023

I hope winter isn't gone...

 Apologies to those suffering through "real" winter, I am sitting in our house, sweating. Yeah. in "winter". Well, ok, we do live in a hot part of Kauai and it is March, but really. Is it already time for sweat?

OK, no more complaining. I am lucky to live here. And to have a place to live. And enough money for food. And 4 horses and 1 dog to give treats to! So really, I'm very fortunate.

So I forgot to add that I have 2 working, wonderful cameras! Here's what I caught this week:

You might have heard that the green comet is no more. But now I have Jupiter and Venus shining in the night sky! Near each other, too.

I didn't say my camera caught them as if they were directly and closely overhead. But they are bright!
The Moon hiding behind clouds.
No, it's not a comet blazing, but merely the Moon with my camera moving too.

We do sometimes get marvelous clouds and rain out at sea.

And of course, palm trees.

And a rainbow.

The Boxer, on guard.

She has to have a leash on, so she won't go running after me down the street when I leave.
Niihau, the Forbidden Island.

Sometimes blurriness works out.

Moon and streetlight

Une autre arc-en-ciel! (Rainbow) Hey, I need all the French practice I can get!

God's rays

The Brown Booby still fishes from this rock.

No, she's not searching for UFOs, but for treats.

Really? No more treats??!!
Cactus in bloom.

A pink UFO. Hey, why not?

Mangoes!!! Yeeha!

We do get great sunrises.

Flowers on my succulent at home.

Echeverria. With nice red tips. 
Thanks for reading. 

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