Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Now that the rain has stopped...

 Now that the rain has stopped, I am free to walk and make my rounds. Which, of course, involves the beautiful brindle-coated Boxer! Isn't she a beauty? She guards the neighborhood.

And looks at me sadly, both when the treats are gone and when I leave to make breakfast.

She likes to look angrily at the chickens and cats. 

When she stretches out to observe, she folds her white paw underneath her head.

God's rays
God's rays of the pink variety

Someone actually built a fire on the beach.

Morning moon

Almost looks like Saturn's rings

Above, the International Space Station, Venus and the Moon.

I know there's a chicken somewhere!

She almost sat on the succulent plant.

You sure there are no more carrots??

Yes, it rained so much the road near our house was flooded.
Roses. Someone is talented.

Moon and streetlights

Nice pink clouds in the morning on the base.

Moon peeking behind a tree.

Moon reflecting on the water.

Sometimes the clouds help me see the Moon.

I can't imagine being in the Space Station or walking on the Moon.

Palm trees because my sweetheart likes 'em.

Rain out at sea. 

A huppah?

I don't like the wires either, but the colors of the rainbow were so vivid, had to include these shots.

You are sure there are no more treats in your pocket?!

Waiting for excitement

It is hard to say no to that cute face. At least for me.

I have to go...breakfast is waiting.

This horse likes carrots too, and followed me for more.

And that is it for this week. I do hope to snorkel soon! Thanks for reading.

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