Sunday, July 17, 2022

Saying goodbye to Oahu

 Who knew when we arrived back on Oahu that we would once again be returning to the beautiful Garden Island?

I cried when I left Kauai, and now expect to do the same leaving Oahu. What is wrong with me?!

Nothing, really. My hubby got a new job that is taking us back. I look forward to seeing what is the same and what has changed.

So on my walks recently, I have been trying to memorize all the nice folks and cute dogs that I will soon be leaving behind.

God's rays. I always love to see the swaths of light coming from the clouds.
Will there be Saffron Finches on Kauai? I wasn't tuned into this bird when we lived on Kauai before, so it will be fun to see if they are there.

Roses and orchids will surely be there.

The Passion Flower. I think some folks consider this a weed. Not sure why. 

This fawn Doberman always interests me. I am so accustomed to seeing them in the black/burnt orange tones, that this one stands out.
As does this little pup. He is still outgrowing his summer haircut. But they left his tail long, so it's cute when he wags it.
He is very friendly, but unfortunately, the fence doesn't let me pat him behind the ears.

These are night blooming cereus. Flowers large and very pretty. And very attractive to bees. And, strangely enough, I have never seen them at night. I can only imagine how amazing they would be.

This little dog is owned by a lady who was born and raised on our new town, too! Kekaha
I didn't catch this little guy with a movie, but he jumped up high to show his excitement.

The dog closest to the camera is a Husky/Shiba Inu mix. I had never seen one before. Shib-usky, I'm calling it. Or maybe Huskshiba. (When you are in the moving process, everything seems funny when you are tired.)
A group of 5 Saffron Finches! I rarely see that many; usually they go two by two. And they eat seeds. I hear their squeak before spotting them.

I had to leave behind my garden. There are rules about transporting plants in the mail or by hand. I'm told that Oahu has some kind of plant virus, so I am adhering to the rules. Luckily, I was able to give my plants away to avid gardening friends.
In your mind, insert photos of my friend and her 3 wonderful kids. I don't usually put people photos in my blog, to protect them. That goes especially for kiddos.

I always enjoy seeing rain offshore.

Plumeria, before they open.

Palm trees for my sweetheart. And wonderful clouds. There is a way to judge the size of clouds, but I haven't really tried yet.

Magnolia with bees doing their work.
Rainbow and clouds and trees

Dragon fruit
Clouds appearing to be on fire; luckily, they weren't. Just sunlight in the early morning.


Moon over buildings in our complex.

Venus. I haven't been able to spot this planet until recently, due to too much cloud cover.
Palm trees and the Moon.

Small lizard paused. Then ran.
Pick me! Pick me!

I took the photo originally for the tiny green plants coming up. But then noted the caterpillar.

Here is the cute Labrador Retriever, who brings his toys to show me.

And here's the black variety. A very well trained Lab. And cute, too.

Finally found another Lotus blossom. Lovely.
Hole in the sky with Palm Tree.

Moon near clouds that seem so much bigger!

Carpenter Bee. These guys are huge compared to the regular honey bees.

A Tibetan Spaniel, King Charles Cavalier mix. Tib-cav? King Tib?

Probably the last post for a while. Movers come soon and the cars will be shipped, so probably unable to post. I will miss this island, but looking forward to seeing what's on offer on Kauai! Thanks for reading.

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