Sunday, April 3, 2022

A rainy week

 We had some surprising rain this week. Luckily, I have a super raincoat...bright reflective yellow.

Mr. and Mrs. Golden Plover. Kolea
One of the friendly dogs on my route. He practically wags his derriere off to greet me!
Clouds and palm trees

The snow dog had some kind of surgery. The German Shepherd was underwhelmed.
God's rays blasting out.

I am blessed to always see at least one rose!

An Aussie Poo! And very playful too. About 6 months old.

Arc-en-ciel. Rainbow.

Venus and the Moon

Pretty clouds in sunrise

This cactus was having a lot of flower fun.

I do not see many pigs on my routes, so I thought to include this one.

Cactus flower

Some of the succulents have very tall growth.
Chilis. I have heard the small ones are really strong, but have no personal knowledge of this.

Again, this Lab had a hard time barking and chewing on whatever it was in his mouth. See the pit he has dug near the fence. 

A very friendly Golden Doodle. Love that dog!

Unicorns do exist!

Belgian Malinois. I do NOT pet this one!

Look for the pollen on this bee's legs.

Little lizard for my sweetie.

I was very happy with this quick shot on the little tree. He did watch me.

Golden Retrievers are the bestest dogs! The older one sits near the fence, so I can pet. And the pup tries to get a pat, too.

The green chameleon is below the railing.

Plumeria. Love the many varieties.

Orchids in their many types interest me too.

He waits for me. Unless there are other dogs in the area. Then I become chopped liver.

This dog had lost an eye, sadly. But that didn't stop it from being very active and protective of its yard.

Arizona Memorial is the white building just above the bridge road.

Crown of Thorns
Two Goldens fenced in.
Flag flying over Honolulu. 

This cutie is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. A Pomhuahua? And it didn't bark, surprisingly.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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