Monday, February 21, 2022

Passing in the family

 My brother's father-in-law passed this week. He was a believer, so he is with Jesus now. But still sad. He was 92. He had a good and full life. No need for him to suffer from the physical disabilities any longer. His family will miss him.  Thankful for his life!

From the top of my most rigorous route. The wind was coming through, too, cooling my jets!
This lovely little dog is a Coton de Tulear. Turns out it is also hypo-allergenic, so perhaps one day, I could have one. He was very friendly and his hair was so soft. 
Here is Lucy, who usually travels with her Frisbee in her mouth. So cute. She let me scratch behind her ears.

Moon with clouds

The bunny. I gave him a carrot a few days later, but he seemed uninterested. Perhaps he has had to many. Carrot overload?
I was afraid these thin barkers were going to jump that fence. The one on the left was quite a jumper. 
Hibiscus lovely
And the hopefully soon to be i.d.'d flower and leaves.

Lovely clouds. I never get tired of seeing them in all their splendor. Different every day.

The Mallard wandered around too. Do not know where he lives.

We do have wonderful orchids. Mine (not pictured) came back recently, too.

Caterpillars and their poo. 

Brings a whole new meaning to the "Don't shit where you eat" saying...

Someone takes Valentine's Day seriously. This was on their mailbox.

The owner remarked that the Frenchie thinks: I'm short but I'm big!
This plant has started its flowering again.
These caterpillars do take a huge bite out of the leaves. But they grow back.

Ah sunrise pink

It is hard to decide which shots to include in the blog. So sometimes, I don't decide! Which is why I have too many photos..

Rose with undertones of mandarin. And below, that succulent that I'm trying to find the name of. I have a new plant i.d. app, so perhaps I can find it now.

I liked this shot. It appears as if the moon is shooting rays out from it.

Two of the cutest Cream Golden Retrievers. The one on the left is still a puppy. And they at first barked, but then relented to let me pat 'em. Love that, especially since I didn't sneeze. Do allergies abate?

With my camera's flash, these roses appear sharply drawn. The one below was in natural light.

The Moon and 3 streetlights. Funny how the nearer ones seem brighter.

Clouds and their brilliant diversity.

It does work to focus on something nearer, getting the moon as a by-product.

The trees help one realize how huge the clouds are.

God's rays

One would almost think I am obsessed with clouds.

And roses.

I liked the edge of darkness.

Ready to play at a moment's notice.

Crown of Thorns at a nearby house.

My favorite bougainvillea coloration.
I do not know what these plants are, but do hope to find out.

Bunny standing up to see if I have any food items he really cares about.

So much beauty. Glad I am able to be out and about to appreciate God and His creations! (Sorry, babe, no lizards this week. They seemed to be missing.)

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