Sunday, January 23, 2022

Nice views


Venus is near us this time of year...just above and to the right of the trees.
Little Saffron Finch on the streetlight. Very safe. And far from walkers.
The duck. He waddled over to see if I had any food.
I love this dog that shares half the yard with the bunny...the lady says the rabbit intimidates the dog!
This nice bunny?!

There IS a lizard in this one...
Orchids. So many varieties and lovely patterns.

It is easier to capture the moon if you focus on something nearer.
Arizona Memorial. The white thing just to the left of the island.

Lilikoi. I don't know what the owners do, but the lilikoi are very prolific.

I don't know why they cut the cactus, but it does look interesting.
One of my fave Hibiscus.

The moth on the wall of our garage. In low light, unfortunately.

I was wrong: the Crown Flower plants did rebound after the last caterpillar invasion!
Cute pineapple

This dog has a huge bark!
This Lab's bark is steady, with wagging tail.
Small but mighty loud.

He really wanted to get out. But was too big.

This little dog wanted to get out too.


The closest I've been to the ocean in a while!

Three nearby lights and Venus
Nice orchids

Good morning clouds with pink

Saffron finch finding breakfast.
Bitter Melon, not ripe
More Ripe Bitter Melon

Can you believe? I didn't even see the 2nd caterpillar!
Hairy cactus

I made it to the top of Akaaka again. What a climb.

Have a great week. Smile to those near you. Thank God for all your blessings!

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