Sunday, December 26, 2021

Merry Christmas

 Hope your Christmas was a happy one. We were fortunate to have a nice warm one, with homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade pasta and garlic knots. Yay carbs...of course, I'm writing this prior to glucose testing, so let's hope and pray the good and happy Christmas holds.

The Moon figured prominently in my pix this week. Full and arrayed near clouds.

Sunrise pink and palm trees!

Christmas Cactus. I didn't find any at my local store, so I appreciated this one grown by others even more.

Christmas lights in the palm tree.
Pigs can fly!! The owner was out in her yard, so I was able to thank her for the pigs. Whimsy is good.
And I thanked God for the clouds viewed this week.

Shiba Inu in his raincoat. Awesome!

There is not enough money in this world to make me do a job on a roof! Didn't seem to bother this woman. More power to you, lady!
My new cactus, with the cute orange pom-pom.

And my Crown of Thorns plant has finally bloomed!

Cactuses in my lanai garden


One of the few remaining caterpillars...the tree is almost completely denuded now.

This butterfly has flown.
Domo Christmas lights. I laughed out loud.

A Saffron Finch trying to talk to what it thinks is another bird...

Crown of Thorn plant in the garden of another.

Plane and Moon

White Rumped Shama awaiting breakfast.

Palm and pink
Lilikoi. I assume the brown denotes ripening...what I don't know is a lot!
I do know this Christmas truck was cute.
Kolea on top of a roof. I smile when I see them: stop then go! Stop then go!

A wonderful mug my hubby gave me for my birthday. Or was it Christmas?! Doesn't matter. I love it. Thank you, babe!
My talented cousin made this Santa ornament for me. I love this too!
Apparently, the world is filled with presents I love. It's a squid, but I'm pretending it's an octopus....
Other delightful ornaments. I have had the one above since our time in Texas.  It is another made by hand by a lady more talented than I.

Another Shama. Did you know we don't have robins here?

My sweetheart with his new puzzle by Mucha. We admired the painting in his calendar and when I found a puzzle, I snapped it up. He is wearing his Godzilla sweater. 
A really nice surprise present, featuring tentacles.
And homemade cinnamon rolls. Those are nuts on the top.

Top of Akaaka street. I always congratulate myself for getting to the top of that hill.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve. Please be safe and kind to all you meet. A smile and a hello goes far these days. May God bless you.

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