Sunday, July 18, 2021

People LOVE their dogs!

People really love their dogs! I have noticed this lately, because of such pretty and interesting dogs that I see on my walk. Happy owners are always glad for me to take their dog's photo:

Doberman..and didn't bark!
Ollie always cries because I don't pet him. I can't help my allergies!
This is a Border Collie that is a therapy dog at the local hospital.
And of course my fave Sheltie! Who could say no to those eyes?!
Or these eyes? Cream Golden Retriever. Very smiley and friendly.
English Mastiff
And of course, Tiny, the Shiba Inu
Cute little non-barker with white sox. I could have done without the dress, though..

There were also clouds and rainbows:

God's rays

Clouds are so diverse, it's impossible to be bored by them.

Other important animals:

Mating snails. Eww....At least I hope that's what they were doing. As opposed to eating each other. It can happen.
Bunny looking for a pat. Sorry, bunny!

Very unusual: a frog! On the driveway.
Lizard. There you go, babe!

And also the flowers:

Magnolia innards...interesting, non?
These are like the plants I bought, but mine aren't red yet.

Oops. I should have put this in the animals category. HA.

I missed the bloom of these, sadly.

Another animal. This one was advertising.

Creative mailbox

I hope my plants like this also make a flower eventually.

Yay! There was one of the fuchsia flowers today!

 People do love their dogs...and I'm thankful for those who behave and don't bark. Also, thankful for those who pick up their waste....I have to walk carefully sometimes. Thanks, good dog owners! And shout-out to God for the lovely creations!

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