Sunday, June 6, 2021

Learning all the time

I thought I knew a lot of dogs, but it seems every day there are more to be introduced to.

Kinda looks as if it's smiling, right? It is a Japanese Spitz. I as going to guess Samoyed, but I would have been wrong...and we can't have that! ha.

This little guy didn't bark at first, but then decided to after a minute. Perhaps he didn't like his picture being taken.

This one looked a bit like a Golden Retriever, but I was told it wasn't. Perhaps a bit, though.
These two dogs are the ones that have been in my prior posts with their raincoats. Makes me laugh every time! Not barky, they are faves.

Pug. Wrinkly and didn't bark. I hear they snore, though.
How'd that bird get in here? It was surprising, as it didn't flit away as most of them do. I see quite a few of these on the ground in parks, usually in a big group. 
Belgian Malinois! A formidable service dog, often trained to sniff out drugs, explosives, etc. She said they do take him on training walks, but that this walk was just a "poop walk." As I have said, big dog, big poop. Not my fave part of dog ownership.
This little guy wagged his tail excitedly, while barking his head off.
They blue-eyed wonder above was so sad I couldn't pat him, that he cried. However, next day, he had gotten over his sadness, as he was playing with a small squeaky toy. How soon they forget.
This is a cantankerous bulldog, always running and barking. Not sure where his compatriot was.
Golden Retriever. Love these dogs. This one also wanted a pat, but with all that hair, I despaired of my allergies!

I'm told you say ka-lan-KO-ee for this plant. Kalanchoe. I only care because I have a small one on my lanai. Trying my best to keep my plants alive!

This is the yellow flowered version of the fuchsia flowers I've been documenting. I caught this one past its prime.
I didn't get up to see the recent Blood Moon, but do catch the Moon sometimes.
Don't know what this plant is, but do plan to look it up!

These are the pods from the white and purple flowers just above.

I hit the bonanza, with 3 water lilies in one pond.

Bitter Melon

I was unaware that these plants also have stalks of flowers.
Cute, eh? Someone was creative.

A pair of Saffron Finches. I can't imagine much available seed on the road, but then I haven't looked for it either.

Pineapples wisely behind bars.

Another plant that really wants to live, even in concrete.
Haha. On the back of a pickup window.

Sideways pineapple

I can't put my hands on the lizard photo, but will look for it! It was showing its orange under-throat part, trying to attract a mate, perhaps.

Have a wonderful Sunday. My hubster and I are celebrating 23 years of marriage. I'm looking forward to his planned dish, Cassoulet!! I hope and pray you all have loving relationships, too.

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