Monday, December 16, 2019

Birthday swim

Happy to report that my birthday swim had 3 was a little one. My favorite kind. And a barracuda. Thankfully, they were not interacting with each other. (Although not sure how that would turn out...did you see the octopus and the bald eagle video?!)

 Peeking at me. haha
 Above is #3, the little one. It sank down a bit at first, but when I came back, it stayed as you see it in this photo. So cute.
Definitely looking at me:
 More peeking. 

A nice birthday present.

Two of the "regular" humuhumunukunukuapu'a'a.
 My abudefduf here seem to have slightly darker coloration.

And the barracuda left me alone. In fact, I didn't exactly chase it for these pix, but did swim a little closer to no ill effect.

And a small Cornet fish. We were covered in the "cute" category today. 
 Green palm with fruit.

I caught just the literal tail ends of the Picasso Trigger and Orange-spined unicorn fish.
 I'm including this shot of the Picasso, because it shows you the spike which they can raise.
 Moon and palm tree.
 I enjoyed the light on this Picasso Trigger.

Rain and pink at sea as I awaited more light so I could swim.
 Sun finally came up.

A very nice swim. Thankful for a good birthday so far! And for dessert tonight, instead of the usual birthday cake, hubby and I found a mincemeat pie from Anna Miller's!!! Woohoo! May you and yours have a nice Christmas, filled with good cheer and good health.

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