Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Very sneaky frog fish!

I had to swim out near the wave break 4 times before I finally saw this guy! Guess why?
The sneaky little guy was hiding under a rock! The nerve! :)

You can see in the picture to the left that it was under an overhang of rock. Fins out to the side holding on. I'm calling it Face Plant, because its head was pointing downward, with its tail under the rock.
 I'm also trying to decide if that's a shell nearby and don't know whether they eat shells. I've always seen video where they snap to grab fish to eat.

I do hope I get to continue to follow this fish, as they can get quite large and also change color. See on youtube the Frogfish eats puffer video from octopigirl7. You'll see quite a size change.
 If you look from above instead of from the side, you  might miss it. Smart and sneaky fish.

I can't even believe that I'm posting about octopus second to a frogfish! Everyone knows octopuses rule. Oh yeah. And I did see 3 of them. Obviously, they aren't yellow so are a bit harder to spot.
Happy in its den...see the small siphon, next to the eyes. 
 It got a little less happy to see me. ha.

This one was bigger and hiding in a real den, surrounded by rocks.

 I'll bet the hole below had an octo-owner, but it wasn't in the den as far as I could see at that time.
 This little guy was redecorating...it was moving the red rock around with its suckers.
 Very exciting to see 3 in one swim. That's a good number for recent times.

2 saddleback butterfly fish. They do usually travel in pairs. It's one of those things where if you see just one, you automatically turn around to find the other one.
 Moorish Idol, Yellow Tail Coris and small Saddle wrasse. 3 for one.

Christmas Wrasse
You can see the googly eyes of this crab. It was walking its shell quickly along the bottom. 

Somebody ate lobster for breakfast or dinner again.

Peacock grouper resting on the bottom. I actually saw a real peacock recently, strolling over someone's yard.
 Pinktail Durgon

These pretty Plumeria flowers have been showing their pristine faces for a few weeks, so I figured I better catch 'em on film before they fade.
 Rain out at sea. I had been told about possible thunderstorms and box jellies, so I was careful and strolled the beach before getting in. We also had to rescue a poor lady who was stuck sitting on the rocks. There wasn't enough water to help her get off the rocks, so two ladies pulled her up and out. Not being needed in the pulling area, I advised her to try to get in and out on sand. One should be careful going in! It's better to enter and exit in a sandy area.
 It rained while I was in and I caught a few pix.
 Saddle wrasse. I see them all the time, and admit they are a neglected fish! So here it is.
 Seal snoozing.

Snowflake Moray winding around in the rocks.
 What not to do! Even when you kindly mention to them that walking on the bottom is a bad idea and swimming is better, some people just refuse to get it!
Amazing clouds

 And sometimes they come with palm trees!

 And surfers
 More rainwater drops

It's like a water ballet! I used the Microscope feature on my Olympus TG camera. 

It was a really nice swim, especially since I had been expecting either thunder and lightning or jellies! Glad I got neither and saw 3 octopuses and that frog fish! yay.

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