Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trust...and 3 octopuses!

You know that I say any day with an octopus is a good day....well, any day with THREE octopuses is a banner day!
This is octopus #2...hiding really well. Below is Octopus #1...with the Rock mover wrasse that helped me find it...he was stretching his jaws.  Those are some powerful jaws too: I have seen them pick up rocks that look more than half its size!
Same octopus, different color...It had seen me and stayed a bit puffed up, but definitely darker in color.

And here's #3...see the white tube..that's the siphon, thru which it breathes.  This was definitely a gift...there are plenty of odds that say no one would spot this guy, it was hiding so well.
And I took this picture of the Ambon Puffer or Toby, thinking, well I got a really good shot of one a while ago...there's nowhere to go...and then I saw this one.  Great colors, right?!
You can even spot the electric blue at the part of its underside, near the body.  I think these fish are completely awesome! They aren't octopus, but then, nothing else is.
Box Fish:
I do like these too...especially when they are bending their tails like this, to help them get away.  Like I would hurt a cute fish like this...nay, nay!
I do normally try to get the whole fish, but this one caught my eye because you can really see the detail on the fins and the patterns on the body. Click on it and you'll see. Especially the blue on its back fin..
Bluefin Trevally
I thanked God for the light on this one...really shows the Blue Fin of the Blue Fin Trevally. I used to be able to find these on Oahu and if they were circling, they'd be looking for either an eel or an octopus. Over here, mostly they find the eels.  Interesting too, but not as much.
This is the Trust from the title of this post:
What you're seeing is the Rock Mover Wrasse...with a Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse actually with its head inside the gills of the larger fish. If it bit, that would hurt! But the Cleaner cleans parasites and I'm pretty sure tries really hard not to irritate the larger fish.As in the terrestrial world, sometimes bigger is badder!
Here's a nice Cowry shell, hiding:
And the Abudefduf.  Gosh these guys are so cute. And quick.
I liked this one because of the light on its face and tail...also, they aren't afraid of me.
Over 3 hours in the water, and I still didn't want to get out!
Thanks, God! And have a great Easter!

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