Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pretty fleurs

It will not surprise anyone, but my husband is working already on our next trip to Europe!
Since I just started my job, we will wait until 2018 to go, but it's never bad to prepare early. Smiling.
Until we get to go, I am keeping him happy with pix of the cool Lizard Fish (see yesterday's post) and gecko from the Garden:
I don't know if the males have any different coloration than the females, but I liked the look of this one.  Big toes to hold onto this wall.  And the pink spots are cute too.  Lord knows, they have lots of plants to wander around on!
A trio of orchids arrived suddenly on a tree near my office; here's one:
Same flower, different angle.  I like the water droplets, too.
It was quite rainy recently and it was reflected in the area nearby:
Kind of mysterious.  Very pretty. And by noon, the sun had burned all this off.
The view from my office. And yes, I'm always desirous of getting into the water.  Now, though, I wait for weekends. The road you see will soon be worked on, so it is not one-way.  It has lots of use, also, and needs some tlc.
The grass mowing man did his thing and the egrets were happy about it, now free to find bugs:
Some of them got quite close to the mower.  No egret deaths, though. As far as I know...
Palm trees and clouds:
We have a lot of palms in the garden. There are actually more than one garden...There's McBryde, Allerton here. Limahuli on the north shore. Kahanu on Maui. Even one, The Kampong, in Florida! It's a big botanic garden enterprise...

More plants:
Working is definitely getting in the way of discovering the names of these plants.  But with our meeting looming, gotta get to work!
But also had to eat, and this is what I saw:
Nice, eh?  Right next to the deli.  Jesus never far away.  Not that I need a cross, necessarily, to know that!

Enjoyed the different shadings on the ocean in the afternoon.

And then there were some nicely singing Meadowlarks: it took a few shots to get it so both were showing their pretty yellow colors at the same time. They were looking for bugs, too.

Niiiice! OK, guess I better go work on taxes. Not as much fun, but certainly necessary. Have a great week. If the water's nice, I'll have another post after swimming after church. After taxes!

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