Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just darned glad to be back in the water! and to see an octopus

Well, you know there will be some ocean pix.  So let's surprise you with both scenery and a candle!
Oh yeah!  My beautiful talented wonderful niece, Lauren, gave me this fine candle for Christmas..  And next to Jesus, how can you go wrong?!

The octopus of course went into protection mode when it saw me, but you can see it on the upper left....looking all bumpy.  The light didn't support me filming the work it did on his home, moving rocks all around.  But I enjoyed watching.

Clouds and palms
Clouds for guess who.  Well, actually the palms are for guess who...the clouds are for me!
As is the moon...full only a couple of days ago.  And for you possible landlubbers, did you know that the moon impacts the tides?  that is, the tides are larger when the full moon is happening.

Nice, eh?
And a sunrise for my pal, Perry, in California:

All this just for walking by.  God is good, eh?
And there was a seal, snoozing.  I'm thankful it was roped off, so able to snooze along without being bothered:
So cute.  You can't even see them breathing.
Nice colors!  The Hawaiian cleaner wrasse on the left, helping out an Ambon puffer.  Both really lovely fish.
Rock mover and yellow tail coris.  energetic fishes!

Abudefduf and the incoming wave/air bubbles.  This was in a shallow part, near the rocks that are more prominent since the path from the beach to the island disappeared...

Spotfin Scorpion Fish and its eye, below

Nice drupe
Two nice shells
Coral blowing in the current
A humu trying to cute, but didn't work!

Another drupe with sea gunk on it...
A snowflake eel, curlicuing around. And  below, a cowry I thought about bringing home, but couldn't be sure it was empty.

A little fish on a rock.  I see these a lot, but don't know what kind they are.  I had a good chance to catch it on film.  Normally, they zip by and i'm too slow.
An urchin

Cowry with rainbow colors... and another shell on the right side, too.

A leaf fish.
Very happy with this swim.  Of course, once i see the octopus, I'm content.

Thanks, God!

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