Thursday, November 3, 2016

Never underestimate God's plan

So I had seen my requisite octopus (I think the same one as the other day, at depth), and I pushed my way against the current back into shore.  No easy feat.

I strolled over to the Kiddie Pond, walking near the water to avoid any ant pests. I can learn.

I got in the water, steering around the people standing on the sand. (I never understand that: all the fun is IN the water, so why not get in and look?!)

Cruising around, I thought: oh, nice swim, but nothing amazing yet.  HA.  God had other plans for me!

First, the Hawaiian Green Lionfish:
I have never seen one of these in the wild, as far as I can remember.  It has red eyes, too.

And like other members in the Scorpion Fish family, it loves to hide, being a fish that awaits its prey in quiet and stealth. So its face was turned into the rock.  It scooted around a bit, trying to hide.

Thanking God for spotting it, I swam on.  Looking near the shore for another octopus, I saw something brown in my peripheral vision. And spotted this amazing beauty!

I heard myself say "OH MY GOD!!!" in my snorkel tube.  I have never seen anything like this.  A fully mature Partridge Tun shell with the animal inside.  It was slipping slowly along the bottom, leaving a slimy wake on the ground.  I was so stunned that I must have spent 45 minutes taking pictures of the thing. Thankfully, it was a slow mover, so I was able to battle the current and waves and get some shots that I like. Thank you, God!

This shows you the "mouth" and the 2 eye stalks. Sweetheart said that they were, but I couldn't see at first where the eyes actually look at the 2 pointy things and go up the stalk. You'll see little blue eyes just about where the stalk is near the body of the animal.  So amazing!

Finally, I dragged myself away (fingers were getting pruney from the water) and on my way out, I ran into a group of Turban shells.  One of which was proudly sporting its operculum.  And an Electric Blue Crab was trying its best to sneak into the shell:

The little blighter was trying to get in. Granted, it was bigger than the one this crab was using, but really.  Stealing another's home is just not done!

Not quite as rare, but still exciting was this Ambon Puffer fish.
This is the best photo I've gotten recently for one of these lovely fish.  I am amazed by the spots: see the aqua ones?  Then brown ones near its mouth.  Why?  Why design brown spots AND aqua ones?  Oh those amazing mysteries.
And more shells:
A Cone Shell, awaiting nightfall so it can hunt. I really should plan a night dive sometime.  I'm a bit afraid of that, though.  I've heard everyone comes out to hunt!  I would have to find a dive partner...

Pretty.  I didn't pick it up, so I don't know if anyone was "home", but figured since it was in good shape, someone probably still lived there.

And a nice little eel was hiding under the rocks:

So that's the report for today.  Aren't you glad I didn't include all 676 photos?!  And thanks for reading.
Oops.  Perhaps I should include the octopus that started it all!

He's on the rock, just behind the orange shouldered surgeon fish.  Just chillin'.

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