Sunday, July 16, 2017

Octopuses make me relax!

Yes, it sounds crazy, but when I get into the water to swim, I am always a bit stressing to see an octopus.  So once I do, I relax!

The first of two octopuses was hiding so well that what you can mostly see is the siphon...water going in and out. 

Brown blob, then greyish/whitish..Above the seaweed in the top photo, then below.  I saw a doc-octo-mentary yesterday which said the octopus, as part of its camouflage, also changes shapes so it doesn't look like an octopus. I guess the bottom one fits that category...Just so thrilled to see them!
And also thrilled to see the seals:
 Just imagine a manicure on those fingernails!
 Sweet face. Note the slight green of algae around its mouth.

Sand makes me itchy also.  

I started taking photos of fish that I normally wouldn't. I figured Hey! God gave them to me, why not?
So the Rock Mover Wrasse.  They really do move rocks.
They are incredibly bendy. All in search of food items under the rocks.
I don't often capture the red area on their bodies.

Clown face.
See the big rock just under its tail? It had just picked that up in its mouth to move it. They must have the toughest jaws in the ocean.
Rock Mover ballet. With a fishy pal.

The Brighteye Chromis.  They are so plentiful that they really almost escape my attention. And my lens! They are really quick. But quite cute.  They look up at me as if I'm the scariest thing in the ocean. Guess I can understand since I may not be truly scary, but I am truly big in comparison.
Ornate Butterfly fish. So pretty and not very often seen over here.

White Cheeked Tang. Very nice fish. Also not often seen.
 Cone shell, dug into the sand.
Hebrew Cone. Supposedly named because its markings resemble Hebrew script.

This one is I call Busy Sand.  The shell is the biggest thing, but so interesting all the other things that make up sand.
 An urchin with stones and shells for protection.
 Lizard fish for my sweetheart.
 Possibly waste...I do not know what makes that circular pile of layers.
Christmas Wrasse

Trunk Fish. We also call it the box fish. Adorable.
 Bluefin Trevally
 Devil Scorpion Fish. Find the fins. Mouth near the right of the photo.

 Fins that warn of poison.

A bit of yawning. Bored by my presence apparently. ha.
Another fish that I see often, so normally don't record.  But these two talking with one another attracted my attention.
See the Blenny? With two little "antlers" on its head.

A tiny Threadfin Butterfly fish. The other fish didn't like it around. 
On the bottom right, look for the little tube with the fish's head just showing. I think these are fish that sometimes nip other fishes. And here's where it hides.

 Nice Cowry Shell
Two very small cornet fish. Maybe the size of a pencil.
Basket shell. I thought it was occupied, so I left it there.
 Ambon puffer with a bit of light on its face. Love these guys!
Moon behind a cloud during one of our morning walks.
God is good! I was very thankful for octopus had been a couple of weeks. But God provides.

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