Sunday, December 31, 2017

Can't believe I forgot the flounder!

 Small flounder, probably 4 inches including tail
When Alex told me he missed seeing the flounder I had mentioned to him, I couldn't believe I'd forgotten to put its photo up! It was so cute and so small. So it's getting its own post.  Could be an avid reader....

Saturday, December 30, 2017

seals, octopuses and a spear fisherman

The good news: saw two octopuses!
The bad news: a spear fisherman beat me into the water, so that could be why there were only 2!

The first he'e. Adhered to a rock. Kinda looks upside down, non?

Octopus #2. I wonder how they arrange the rocks so they don't fall down into the den?
First Spanish Dancer
 Snoozing seals

2nd Spanish Dancer
 Ambon Puffer

Cute Blenny
 Male Trunk Fish

Christmas Wrasse with sunlight on its shoulders
 Cigar Wrasse - yellow phase

Huge Flea Bite Cone!!! It was turned over with just brown showing at first. I touched it with gloved hand and only at the fat end....The animal is in the middle of the picture. This was longer than my palm and fingers stretched out.
 another cone..much smaller (look for the green)
 Monk seal..this is the little one with one eye open. Well, the other one could have been open, but I can't tell from this photo..

Humu about to disappear into a hole.
 And there it goes!

The seal which is turned toward the ocean took umbrage at the new one showing up and barked. See it on for octopigirl7
 Juliana's sea hare

Lizard fish:
 Another Trunk Fish.

Millet Seed Butterfly

Needle Fish
Very nice swim and for the most part, very clear water! And I was able to get out further, too, as the water was calm. Thanks to God for great sightings and safety. And that I didn't yell at anyone for being a putz. Some folks are so new to the water that they don't even know what not to do. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

A quick look at 7 Merry Christmas octopuses!

So there you have it: 7 Christmas octo-presents!
Oh and there were other wonderful animals too:

somebody took a bite outa this Moorish Idol.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!