Sunday, July 30, 2023

I would say I'm chillin', but it's hot here in Kekaha, Kauai!

I send a postcard to a nice lady in Texas each week. This is apparently a comet. Who knew?

I found this Ulysses S. Grant on the ground outside our post office! Early in the morning. I have decided to send it to my new grand-niece, just over 2 months old, so she can start her savings account.

Oddly, most people at church claimed that the bill was theirs...hahaha...nah! I told them if they could give me the serial number, I would consider it.

Early morning rain offshore

Someone left their life preserver on the rocks. Hope they didn't need it anymore.
I used to see these pretty fuchsia flowers all the time on Oahu. Not so much here.

And pink puffballs are not as numerous here either.
For my morning walk in Eleele town, I parked near the corner of Uliuli and Eleele. (Ooh-lee ooh-lee and L-ee L-ee). Sounded funny together.

She was probably thinking: Isn't it time to give me a treat?!

Her best neighbor friend
She needed a friend this week: she was bored and dug a hole in the back yard. She knew she was in trouble, too!

I found an open seed pod from a Crown Flower plant.

Delicate flower

The pod breaks open and the seeds fly around.
Walking on base, I heard these two choppers before they appeared, so I was able to catch a photo.

I think it was a Meadowlark! I have only seen one other one on Kauai.

There was a flock of 11 Frigate birds on the wing, but they appeared too small with my photo. We take those as harbingers of storms at sea.

I got all these cans and bottles in one day's walk. Sometimes I forget to bring a bag, but sadly there is always a Kauai Ice bag to snag.

God's rays

This friendly but loose dog had no problem running up the hill to say hello. I didn't have any treats, so he went away.
Near as I can tell, these were 2 ducks or geese. It sealed my opinion when I saw one of them waggle the tail.
The horse had been standing quietly, until the Cattle Egret decided to sit.

Early morning nice clouds

This is the fruit of the Bitter Melon plant.

Niihau and Lehua islands

Cloud rainbow

A pair of pups watching me walk by. Glad they were friendly: I didn't have my walking stick with me.

So that's the haps for this week. I am looking forward to the arrival of my new phone tomorrow...hope I can make it behave!
Thank you for reading.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Sweating it out in Kekaha!

 I love where we live...I do not love the excessive heat. It is very expensive to have a/c, so we don't. Thank God for fans!

Somebody has amazing orchid skills...not me.

Bitter Melon fruit
Sometimes the birds get to them before I see them.

Types of Plumeria

This is one of the pair of Boxers that run around can tell it's not the boxer I watch because he has the big tail.

Nene geese
About 12 years ago, I gave my hubby a 5-0 party for his 50th. Now I inherited the hat.
I am touched (literally and figuratively) when she puts her head or paw on me. I think she means me to stay.

Too many uneaten mangoes and not on my property. Sadly. 

Niihau and Lehua in the distance.

Lehua island
No Pueo this time.
Crown flowers
Niihau and Lehua
Nene near the entry to the Aegis office.

They take a while to determine what they want to do next. Just glad they are not doing it on the road..that can cause trouble.

Two Moorhens

Da plane!
She had done her 90 mph run and was tired.

Tired but in no way leaving her spot near the treat bag!

Yeah, she thought resting her head on my foot was a good idea.

A seat unused for a while.
A lonely horse. Not sure what they call this gray color with white accents.

Turtle resting on a rock in the Waimea river.

Took this photo thinking I could compare when the water rose with the storm. But thankfully, we never got the storm!
He was there when I came home. Bold as brass and about as removable.

Then he moved to the slider screen.

Clouds with palms
Holes in the sky.

My little Cactus grew a new leaf. Or fruit.

Not a great  photo and you can't really see Koa the dog, but I was chuffed to see someone with Christmas spirit in July.
Morning pink even with telephone wires.

They are friends.

Mangoes too high to pick. Even with a mango pole picker. Sad.

A whole bunch of green mangoes not ripe enough to think about.
Cat on top of the world. But aren't they all ?

I wonder if they ever open fully.
A very pale rainbow.

Started with 3 cans of Pepsi that somebody left on the ground. Ended up with about 20 cans. I found a spot on the beach where people partied and were cruel enough not to take their cans with them.
Bob the Boobie has flown the coop. At first, I thought he might have died, but I prefer to think he is hanging with his new family!
Small rainbow

The new growth came out the bottom. Gotta grow!
Thanks to our awesome God who took Hurricane Calvin in another direction. Really grateful.
Have a great week.