Saturday, July 1, 2017

One Octopus!!!

You might well wonder why one octopus merits 3 exclamation points: it's because it has been over 2 weeks since I saw the last one! I was afraid the Monk Seals
that were now napping on the beach might have eaten too many. Of course, any is too many, so there ya go!
You can just see the white of the siphon. This one slid down into the whole almost immediately upon spotting me, so there are no great shots. But any sighting is a good thing.
I also was gifted with a Turban shell still holding onto its operculum:
I just think it's the coolest idea: hiding a shell inside, well, a shell, and then giving it a little trap door to keep out intruders.  Is God creative or what?!

I saw two cute little fish...yellow, but I think they are orange shoulder surgeons. Can't be sure:
They had the color of tangs, but not the body shape. I could be wrong.
Male trunk fish. Note the bent tail. One of the dive shows we watched recently said they do that when they don't need to use the tail.
And below, a hawkfish. If you look closely, you'll also see the Mystery Damsel. That is, well, a mystery still. Nice blue eyes and blue on the body. Don't worry, one day I'll get my lazy self up and look it up. The immediate at hand book didn't show this one.
Blue in the front and yellow in the back...
And a small flounder! Yay!

Two eyes and a nice pattern. This was a small one, but both eyes were on the same side of its head. I am not sure at what age one moves to the other side.
A nice 4 spot butterfly:
 And a Christmas Wrasse. I do love these. 
So a nice 2 hour swim...waves were crashing, but the water was amazing. And please, when you go to the water, watch yourself and your kids! I saw some 11-12 year olds today who were in water that could have drowned them. 
Thankfully, the lifeguards saw them and told them to come in.  It's the REAL ocean, folks! And thanks to God for His protection!

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