Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas was a joy!

Mystery for Christmas

Someone got jiggy with their garage door!
We saw moving lights like this when we were in Chartres..of course, the words were in French there.

 The White Rumped Shama

Mystery #2

Venus in the morning. We weren't able to spot the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, but did see photos online.

A very cute Border collie in our neighborhood. Sorry for my allergies.

Palm trees for Alex.

Joy in my house

Joy outside someone else's house.

On Kauai, certain people used to roll limes out onto the road for the cars to run over. This reminded me of that...

For you StarWars fans.

Kolea escaped to the roof.
A woody...a story for another day.

I cannot figure out what these birds are! They will gather together and fly over, cawing and squawking.

Amazing clouds

Forgotten bow
A small car decorated for Christmas.

The only pineapple I've seen lately.

Another Kolea on another roof.

Santa does bring joy.

White rumped Shama in the tree near the golf course.

Have a great and safe New Year! I'm praying that the pandemic is soon a thing of the past!