Sunday, May 28, 2023

On Christ the solid rock I stand...

 Yeah, you might have sung that hymn, but for someone with occasional vertigo, it really helps! Especially since I continue to look up to the stars. Over 222 meteors so far, including a new fireball this month. (The last one was 12/30/22, so they are not that numerous.)

At least as far as I can see.

I have discovered Starscapes. Check it out on Very exciting video of stars and astonishing numbers of meteors. Some were coming over so fast, I couldn't count 'em! No video of these from me, though, as by the time I see them, they are long gone.

Cactus with very nice flower and others coming.
Can you believe this is the Bitter Melon plant that was just a shoot a week ago? There will be an even fuller version later in this post.
Lizard, babe!

Smiling Boxer

Momma chicken and her chiclets

Rainbow and palm tree and Niihau

Fisherman and rainbow

I didn't take the photo until they were walking away, but the dog is a Belgian Malinois. And unlike the others I have seen, this one was a sweetheart, begging for a pat.

Rain offshore

Somebody's got mangoes! Not me yet...
A little cloud pink.

Pups running loose...a big no-no.

There is a lot of rock piling going on here. I do not know how they balanced these.


Napping after her 90 mph run

Bitter melon fruit

It's a double rainbow!

I can't say roses are my absolute fave flower, but they are close.

Crown flower with buds open and below, still closed.

My first sighting of Monarch butterfly caterpillars, having their breakfast.

Moon and streetlight
Early morning sky
Here's the Bitter Melon plant. I am so amazed at how quickly it grew.


Bitter Melon fruit (NOT mine)

Tow-in surfing
Sunlight through the nearby church stained glass.

German Shorthair Pointer pup.  Black and white; not the usual brown and white. Ready to play, too, but behind a fence.
A nice week of stargazing and less rain.
Have a great Memorial Day.