Sunday, June 27, 2021

The cutest Sheltie!

 You might have seen this little dog before in my posts, but he bears repeating!

Is he not the cutest ever?!

He does this neat thing: even though on a leash, when a car goes by on the street near him, he turns himself around in a quick circle. Apparently, he loves traffic. But the owner keeps him close. Turning wheels nearby are not life affirming!

I guess the wind can make the clouds flat on the bottom. Interesting look.
God's rays

And there's the ocean that keeps torturing me! It seems whenever I think to go swimming, it's either big waves. Or rain. Or jellyfish! I will get there again, when the time is right. It doesn't help that now, being summer, the tides and waves have changed, so to have flat conditions, I will have to go to the North Shore. It's not that it's so far, but that I need a dive partner, as I don't know the areas up there. And of course, I need a lifeguard! They rock!
Rainbow and rain

Gee, could there be more light standards?!

The Moon is back. I think it was almost full that day.
These plants are called Mother of Thousands. They apparently do not have seeds, but drop these little plantlets that occur along their leaves. Those little plantlets start new plants. I have bought one...we'll see how it goes.
Maybe a member of the Iris family?
The pineapples in this yard have been steadily disappearing. I hope it's the owners cutting them! We started with 19 and now have about 13.
Same yard behind the fence, the caterpillars are wreaking their havoc on the Crown Flower leaves.
I am pretty sure this is caterpillar's green, like the leaves. A caterpillar bathroom, I guess.

I like these barrel cactus. I found a much smaller one at a local store, so I'm working on growing one also.
Why 2 of these are red, I have no idea. But I am curious.

Seed pods above and the plants on the bush below. A type of Crown Flower, I think.

This man was walking around with his parrot. Ouch. I imagine those claws could hurt.
Star fish plant flower. I'm told the flowers smell bad, but I have never noticed a scent.

Good thing one doesn't need to cut Mondo grass. How could you?
The bunny. Still alert.
Plumeria flowers and buds
My sweetie tells me these are Lilikoi. Yum. And no, I didn't pick 'em. Not my yard!

It is hard to tell from the photo above, but these flowers have fine hairs along the edges. Rather like the orchid below.

Awww. Someone had a Panda mailbox.
This energetic Lab, caught in the middle of a barking spree, has a new friend.
Maybe a Belgian Tervuren?
Bitter Melon
More of the Mother of Thousands plant. Bryophyllum daigremonianum. AKA Mexican Hat Plant or Devil's Backbone. I'll stick with Mother of Thousands.

No idea, but it sure is pretty. As are the roses below.

Crown of Thorns flowers
A lizard for the hubster.

I was relieved to see they painted over the bright pink color these posts showed a week ago.
Showing off his neck orange. Advertising, I think.
Mostly everyone is showing their seeds these days.

This little cactus became a member of the I REALLY WANT TO LIVE group.
Noni. It is hard to get a photo without ants all over the fruit. I guess they want its curative powers, too.

The cute Sheltie again. 
Two of my own garden cacti.

Echeveria in my new garden.

Plumeria. NOT in my garden, as they are trees and I'm working off only a lanai.
Haworthia. Hoping to keep this one alive too.

The spotted plant is a Panda plant. HA.
I got one of these recently. Mine isn't yet red: I'm told that sunlight helps them turn red. Sunburn?!
More of mine: the pretty orchid has bloomed for the 2nd time. And the one below is from the pretty fuchsia flowering plant.

Magnolia. There were at least a dozen bees floating around the flowers. Not one for us!
I thought it was cute that the gardener did this with the succulents.
Tiny lizard
Cats and birds..seems contraindicated.
Not many of these small roses, but pretty nonetheless.

I shall have to look this one up. Very pretty and the pollinating filaments mostly available.

I found another edition of the pretty fuchsia flowering plant, but sadly, it was inside the yard, so I couldn't get closer.
Hens and chickens
I like these. So far, no idea what they are.
This is a very pretty and large orchid.

 From the top of Akaaka street. 
Have a great week. Enjoy the summer! And thanks for reading. Since I do not participate in the social media choices, other than youtube, people find my blog by word of mouth I guess. Tell your friends!