Thursday, July 6, 2017

Flowers, caves, leaves and lilies!

Alex and I were able to visit the McBryde Garden on beautiful Kauai. Lovely!
 But before we go, rain at sea in Poipu.
 And the dry cave up at Limahuli on the North Shore.

 The lovely speaks for itself..

 This Moorhen was a nice surprise...just cruising.

 And for my pal, Julie.
 And for Alicia, a pineapple!
Palms and clouds...for Alex and moi!
C'mon, you gotta think these are lovely! It amazes me how different flowers can be. We learned about seed delivery systems too. Just so you know it isn't all just about pretty. NTBG! Great visit! And no octopuses were bothered in the filming of this post. ha.

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