Monday, August 15, 2022

Everyone told us...

 Everyone told us: Kekaha is hot! They were not lying. And even though we KNEW it was hot on the west side, sometimes it still amazes us, as we bathe under the flowing wind of the fan...

I love catching a bit of rain in the distance. Although since Kekaha really IS hot, rain falling on us is also good.

The recent super moon

The forbidden isle of Niihau
We do have some wonderful sunrises:

Plumeria near the Hawaiian Cemetery

Someone got creative with birdhouses in their yard.
Lots of pretty flowers near the ocean. 
A caring parent, trying to slow cars down.
God's rays

A flower in the plants near the driveway.

Heron hoping I will go away.
If you look carefully, you'll see the big eared puppy, also hoping I would go away. Look for the white on his breast.
Who knew we'd have a drag strip?!
Moorhens in the water. Why is everyone hoping I will go away?
I heard a "chuck-a, chuck-a", which turned out not to be a bird, but an assembly line. Don't know what they are moving.
Crown flowers
Clouds galore

Palm trees and moon

This is a cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and an Airedale, they think. I call it a Point-aire!

The contraptions that alert birds to the wires at night. They are making headway in preventing bird deaths.
Venus! I also found Jupiter just above, but so far, no Perseid meteors. I'll keep looking. But it's hard to make myself go outside at midnight. We do see more stars here though, as there are less building lights competing.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Cute but different dogs on Kauai

 I have noted different breeds of dogs on Kauai than Oahu. No Shiba Inu so far...

This is the entry point near the Beach House where I used to go in. Some steps down and sometimes slippery!
God's rays came to Kauai too.

Niihau in the distance, with perhaps a bump of Lehua.

Nice sunrises!

Palm trees for my sweetie.
A jet and the contraptions that my landlord figured out to help the shearwater birds from running into the power lines at night. Yes, it's a big deal!
Pretty cloud
Sand in the water make it not a great place to snorkel.

Lizard stayed still long enough to snap a photo.
Crown flower
Boy I really wanted to run through this one.
Palm trees and cemetery. It was sad: one grave marked a person who died on the same day of their birth.

I haven't started my garden yet...awaiting funds and good ideas. I want to plan my plants this time, and not just buy the "cute" ones..

A Stilt!


We have both a public and Hawaiian cemetery nearby.

Another lizard

I debated about including this shot..this shearwater was hit by a car. Probably at night. 

Some of the cactus are huge.

This little guy eventually made friends...

Aussie Shepherd. Nice dog. But probably hot with all that fur! The owner says he walks the dog early, before it gets too hot.
Interesting light and shadow on Niihau, the "Forbidden Island." We have visited twice.

People do these rock piles...I'm sure there's a Hawaiian name for it.

If you've been to Kauai, you know chickens are part of the landscape. And yes, they are loud in the morning.

Nice female boxer. Still a puppy and still wanted to jump on ya.

A sidewalk! Whoop whoop! of course, I walked it. Nice to be off the road.
It is great to be back on Kauai. It is really green. We have even had rain twice so far! It does cool it off. Thanks for reading.