Sunday, March 19, 2023

I hit the Jackpot!!

I hit the jackpot! First swim in almost  a year and I saw 2 octopuses!!! God is good!

And God also provided 2 seals; the first one is pictured here.
Rock Mover Wrasse. And may I just say how nice it is to be back in the water? After almost a year, I was afraid I might have lost my underwater, octo-mojo. I ultimately found the octopus by looking around the Rock Mover. They tend to peek into holes and that led me to the octopus.

One of my favorite fish: The Ambon Puffer.

Four spot butterfly fish. (2 spots on either side...)
The two seals. One larger and one smaller. It was great that they are once again allowing seal guards; covid had stopped that for a while. 
Little white eel. I saw a total of 3 different eels.
And here is the den and octopus. They move stones/rocks out of the way to make space for themselves. It is in the center of the photo.

You might be better able to see the small white breathing tube on the left of the dark blob.
I don't mind saying I was so chuffed to see my first octopus in almost a year that I almost cried into my mask. 

Poipu had wonderful clouds.
A Drupe shell, resting on the reef.

There was sand in the water, but you can still see the octopus behind the red rocks.

The Hawaiian state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. A Trigger fish.

The Cornet fish
We think the other octopus was at the back of this hole and along the side in the hole below. 

And the other Moray eel! I used to think they were being aggressive, and indeed could be, by having their mouths open, but my hubby and I now think it is just breathing.
And speaking of the hubby, we both really enjoy the Spotted Trunk fish, in this case, a male.
Ambon Toby. If bitten, they can swell up their bodies in order to be harder to swallow.
Napping, Monk Seal style.
It is somewhat tough to see, but there is a pack of needlefish in this shot. Long and silvery.

If you look just below the nose of the Convict Tang closest to me, the octo-head is visible. After all, they are great at camouflage!

Ambon Puffer again. They are so cute, with all the spots. And they have a great royal blue near their back fin.

Be sure to look on Youtube for my short video of the octopus in its den. search for octopigirl7. And thanks. I do appreciate you reading!

Monday, March 13, 2023

Sex and the Brown Booby

I have been watching a Brown Booby bird. It began because, upon first seeing the bird, we were concerned that it was ill, as it stayed on a large rock near the ocean.

Weeks later, we are seeing the bird perching on the same rock, but also flying nearby apparently to catch food. So we are no longer concerned. But, I do wonder: how does one "sex" the bird? That is, tell what gender it is?

I shall have to look this important question up!

This is my pal, the Boxer dog. 
Once I finish giving treats, she goes to watch over the neighborhood by lying down, with eyes on the street.

Wouldn't that face make you want to go for more treats?

When I leave to make breakfast, she watches me carefully until I'm out of sight. She once ran after my car, even though that caused her shock collar to give her a zap.

Venus, Jupiter and the streetlights.

Everything changes when the Moon inflicts its light on us.

Yes, I am fortunate to live on Kauai.

Night Heron awaiting fish.

Two Nene flying across.

My sweetie informed me that my blog had been lacking in lizards lately, so I spotted this one and included it.

The Boxer can be overly enthused about visitors. They say a Boxer stays like a puppy forever and I believe that.

Watching from inside the house. Nothing gets by her.
Sometimes, having clouds nearby helps to see the Moon.

Clouds that show both color and rain coming.
I had to laugh when I saw this bumper sticker. Even if we have enough chickens, I still am not skydiving! I will leave that to those who aren't worried about hurting themselves. And whose knees are more flexible than mine.

God's rays

The Booby also hangs out on other rocks. Glad to notice that, as I hadn't seen it for a while.

More Moon and clouds

Flowers growing on one of my succulent plants. Such nice delicate color.

My movement made the Moon look like a comet with a tail.

I have decided to make my morning bedhead hairdos part of my blog. This is unedited. This is also the way I know that it is almost time for a haircut!

Clouds. What infinite variety.

Really? You are making me wait for a treat?
She loves squeaky toys.

What is happening on the street? And why am I not outside, patrolling?

Bedhead #2

I am unsure if ending this week's blog with bedhead is a good idea. But so it goes. Have a great week. Stay safe and happy. And thanks for reading!
P.S. And please get your mammogram! Mine is coming tomorrow; I don't like 'em, but breast cancer is worse. Trust me!