Sunday, August 29, 2021

Turkish plates

I am currently doing a Turkish plates puzzle. I thought it would be easy...NOT! Since the colors are distinctive, my thought was that this would be a breeze.  But 1000 pieces later, I am schooled.

I am enjoying the challenge, however.

Thankful for rainbows!
And God's rays
Cobblestones for Lisa
Huskies from Alaska!
Shiba Inu...Tiny. A very chill dog and willing to put up with me scratching his ears.

Is that white rain?!
Two Saffron Finch ready for a picnic

Long's Drugs has a very cool towel: to take sweat away, but also to cool the neck. YAY.

Enjoy. Please pray, if you do, for my biopsies on 9/9....I had a word today that all will be alright. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Expecting a gale

It's not great to be expecting a gale, but better than a hurricane!

Even Hawaii has its costs.

I enjoy these huge barrel cactus. Mine is about 1/100th of this size.

Far off rainbow
Hole in the sky

This little guy was so cute and didn't even think of barking!
I have seen this Pitbull since it was a puppy. It and its bark are definitely grown up now!

The White Rumped Shama hid in the was a juvenile, without its adult plumage.
I know it as a starfish plant. Below is a shot of the flower before it opens.

One of these 3 pineapples is ready to eat!
Aussie Doodle! ha. The owner said he found out they really aren't from Australia. Doesn't matter to me: such a cute and friendly dog. He carries a water bottle. The owner said he's less excitable if he has something in his mouth. 3 months old, so still a pup.
The owner carries her Westie across the street because cars zoom up the hill too quickly.

Lizard showing off his orange throat.

These are air plants. Apparently you don't have to do anything to keep them alive. My kind of plant!
This fruit pops open to reveal the seeds pictured below.

Strange mushrooms. They were totally thin. Not sure who is eating it.

Der Bunny had lettuce to nibble on.

More Lilikoi. A friend on Kauai would be totally on these! She loves everything about them. pretty.

Glad we are missing hurricane Linda. Thanks, God! Prayer does work. Speaking of that, I'm reading Philip Yancey's book on Prayer. Lots of good insights.

And have a great Sunday! Thanks for reading.