Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Rip Continues

Today there was not only high tide, but the rip still I didn't venture into the adult part of the pond, but stayed in the kiddie side.  Saw lots of cool fish anyway, but no 8 legged cephalopods. Ah well, with my knee acting up, I was fortunate to be able to swim at all.

Can you see the pencil thin cornet fish? Some are reflected on the sandy bottom.
 Eagle Eye challenge: find the 2 Cowry shells above.
 Brighteye Chromis and his Convict Tang pals.

Christmas Wrasse....only 5 months until the real thing!
Two cone shells. I do hope the one isn't planning to eat the other one.  They are cannibals, I'm told.
This Cowry was really well hidden, as there was no evident pattern on its back. I didn't note what it was until I saw the opening (to the right.) Same shell below, from underneath. And it was occupied, I do believe. You can tell if the shell feels heavy to the touch.
What could be a Hawaiian Swimming Crab.  This Saddle Wrasse was totally harassing it, trying to get a bite in edgewise.

Red the right.
Another crab (lower left) and some Turban Shell pieces.  No wonder I find operculum, as that is the main shell that uses them, in my experience.
Eagle Eye Challenge #2: See the Juvenile Rock Mover Wrasse?  And come to think of it, I didn't see any of the adults.  Odd.  Maybe they were all playing in the deeper pond today...with the octopuses. I also didn't see any seals on the beach, but there were turtles.  
 I think this rock is pretty...lots of colors.
 Blue spined Unicorn fish.

 And a lizard fish for my sweetheart.

Left and below, the white Leaf Fish. See how it leans between two rocks?

They rock to and fro in the current. It can be a challenge to get a good shot, especially since they are usually located in a crevice.

 Blenny.  I think of them as plaid, but they probably have a real name.

And Cone Shell. Probably about an inch from top to bottom. Still have poison though!
Two turtles snoozing...Thankfully, the protective lines were up and people were behaving. Thank you, folks!

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