Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Sometimes, even if you think you know what you're doing....

So there was a decent rip this morning. I got in ok on the deep side and wasn't swept away, so I proceeded to look for octopuses and other cool creatures. 

The surf was 5 to 7 feet and looked pretty amazing. I decided immediately not to go as far out as I normally do. 

When I was done on the deep side, I looked for the waves and shot over to the Keiki Pond in between.

I looked for and found an octopus:
Obviously, not the best photo, but he was hiding in his den. Just where he should be!

And a Scorpion Fish:
the mouth is to the right of the photo. Slightly agape.

So after I saw some cool things, the current got me! It swept me over the dividing rocks and back into the deeper side. It was really going and my fervent finning had no effect. My bad!

So I looked again for operculum, found a few more and then the waves going the other way swept me back over the rocks into the Keiki pond! And here I thought I had an inkling about how to maneuver. Words to the wise.. No ill effects, but I am reminded to take good care.

Other cool animals:
 Christmas Wrasse
 Cone and Drupe shells
 Hermit Crab: look at the upper right to see its eyes.
 And the mystery fish hiding in the corals. I do think it's a Spotfin Scorp, but could easily be wrong.
 And my new cool Octopus bath mat! Purchased for me by my sweetheart for my un-birthday present. (He says, since my birthday is in December that I should not have to share my birthday with Jesus. So he gives me another birthday in July. Cool, non?)
 Pencil Urchins being accompanied by Brighteye Chromis.

 Picasso Trigger
 And a very nice and very shy Porcupine Puffer! It's hard to tell from this photo, but the skin had a very pristine sheen to it, so I would guess it's not very old.

 Ringtail Surgeon
 Rock Mover Wrasse. It had just picked up the red rock and thrown it around to peek underneath for food items. They are tough!

So a nice swim, even with big waves. I tried to get out to Frogfish territory, without any luck. The waves were too slamming...Be careful out there!!

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