Saturday, July 27, 2019

Acrid glimpse of spent match smell

There was a time when I thought I wanted to write poetry. Never got much beyond the title of this post....and no big loss, I can tell you.

Four octopuses today. And a frogfish. And a dead crab carcass, too. (You are excited about that last part, no doubt. But I thought it made an interesting picture. You'll see!)

He'e 1 hiding between 2 rocks.
 I think the one below is #2. 

Oh, the heck with numbering them! I think I'll start naming them: above is Herbert. Below Satchmo. (He's bigger, and thus has more air for the trumpet.) I will still count though; I guess I'm at least somewhat competitive.
 And Satchmo is withdrawing from my camera. Note the color change.
 And here's Ophelia.
 She is a camera hog.

They all, for the most part, stayed still and let me take pix. I would love to see some hunting action, but for that, I might have to go at night. Since I'm usually unaccompanied, except by tourists, I'm not so excited about swimming in the dark.

Before I forget, I better put in the big old turtle I saw. Yay Honu!
And the frog fish was again visible. The waves didn't bash too badly during this photo session.

It is amazing that they think they can hide when they are bright yellow! 

I saw something dark up near the water line out of the corner of my eye.
 It was the remains of somebody's crab meal. Rather interesting in the one below, as most of the upper half of the photo is the reflection of the body on the water above it.
Sorry, Crab! I didn't do it.
 Nice shot of the Abudefduf. They, like the Christmas Wrasse, are so quick and camera shy, that I hardly ever get a good photo.

Here's the adult Yellow Tail Coris and following, the juvenile. Same shape, but that's about it.
Cute blenny

Looked like rain would be arriving.
 Commensal fishing with the big parrot fish and Christmas Wrasse

A Cowry shell hiding

And a different (and empty) Cowry shell opening and the outside of the shell.

 Harassing an eel by Bluefin Trevally and Christmas Wrasse.

Lizard fish and saddle wrasse
 Lizard and a bit of sun

I am not sure if this is also a Spanish Dancer, since it's so light colored. At any rate, it's a nudibranch as long as my hand. I mention this because I'm told most of the nudibranchs are only a few inches.
 Peacock Grouper.

Pencil Urchins

More shells, inside and out.

And to date, the smallest operculum ever! I put it near the cross, which measures less than an inch, so you could get an idea of its tiny size. A gift from my archaeologist hubby! Thanks, babe!
 And part of a turban shell with opercula stuck in it.
A nice 2-1/2 hour swim. I didn't lecture anyone. But I did mention to the lady standing on the bottom out near the Do Not Swim Beyond This Sign sign, that she might step on a frogfish! 

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