Saturday, June 29, 2019

Octo trifecta

Saw 3 of my octo-buddies today! yay. But the frogfish was probably too far out into the wave zone, so I didn't get out really far enough to spot it. Maybe next time.

Following is octopus #1 just after it blew sand into the water. Trying to get me to vacate, no doubt.
 This one did come out more after I went away then sneaked back.

 Octopus 2 was in there, but hard to catch on film.

 Octopus #3. Small one.

This is what the octopus looks like when it has blown ends up with a lot on itself!
#1 was the one that showed itself the most. The other two had the main objective of hiding well.
 Tiny 3 spot damsel, protecting its coral.

A group of 7 Moorish Idol fish. I rarely see that many together.
 The remains of a lobster meal.
 A cleaning station awaiting customers.

This cone shell appeared to have someone inside. I hope it was the usual animal...
 Peacock Grouper moving around.

Pencil Urchins
 The Picasso Humu

Pinktail Durgon in the deep side.
 Snakeshead Cowry shell

Snoozing seal, guarded by Seal Lady #1!!! Sadly, she's going home for a bit, but we will be excited for her to return in the fall.
 Urchin carcass

Yellow Tail Coris. So pretty.
A group of Humu
 The juvenile of the Yellow Tail Coris. So different than the adult

 Male Box fish
A very nice swim. And I gave no lectures...trying to be good!

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