Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Frogfish chronicles continued

Even though we are expecting 2 possible storms, the waves were at least occasionally calm, so I was able to visit the Frogfish twice!

Not that it cared...

 This little one never moves when I'm taking a photo. I almost want it to charge me or something! At least with octopuses, you can tell they see you...This one is so small, though, I don't want to scare it any more than it already might be when the big shape (me) hovers over it.

 You can see it is developing its holes in the skin. 
Not to be outdone, however, the octopuses showed themselves. Four of them, in fact.

Remember in my last post I said I was not going to number them anymore, but give them names. Yeah, I've had smarter ideas...

I only found Herbert because the Rock Mover Wrasse hovered near him. (And you can see both below. The Wrasse is covering part of the octopus's body.)
 And then Herbert got mad.
Apparently, a swimmer in addition to a wrasse was too much.

And then got over it! This sly buggah hid below the coral head, so when it decided to disappear, it just sneaked down and under..
I will have fun in naming the octopuses for just a while longer. Below, Gertrude sees me.

And turns a bit brown and slides under that rock. You can see both eyes and the siphon from above.
Is it too weird to call an octopus Petunia? I don't even know if it's a male or female. I do know it is the largest octopus I found today.

Here the Trevally is flowing in front of the octopus.

 Apparently Petunia has a temper too. But with the brown color, you can also see both eyes and some of the suckers.

Back to normal coloration. The eye is in the middle, just above the rock. 
This one, #4, I'm calling Alice.
 Alice reacts with color, too. Above and below, same octopus, different second.

And hiding below. Look for the aqua color near the suckers.

 I thought it was interesting how Alice can turn her skin the same color as the surrounding rocks.

 And then brown. Note the eye and siphon. At the base of the siphon, there's a hint of that pretty aqua.
 Alice thought she was hiding. She is the same color as the bottom.
I was taking the photo of the 3 spot damsel on the left, but when I got home, I realized I caught a bit of that little fish (in the middle) that is my mystery fish. And on the top of the coral, a hawkfish.
 Cleaning station: The Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse taking care of a Manini (convict tang).

The whole eel
 The back part.
 And the front part. You'd think a blogger with over 400 posts would get off her duff to look up this eel, but I'm busy. ha.
 You can see a bit of pink in this group of Convict tangs and surgeon fish. I always look for an "intruder" who doesn't fit in. On Oahu, I would often find Trumpetfish sneaking into these groups. 
 Honu going slowly toward the water.
 Male Box

 Pencil Urchins

The Pinktail Durgon moving with the group.
 A Snakeshead Cowry

A tiny Cornet fish. Look for the black rock with the bit of grey dividing it. That's the fish. The rest of the body is below that rock.
 Whitemouth Moray. I talked with a nice lady lately who was afraid of eels. I told her just to keep her hands out of holes and she'd be fine.

Very nice swim. I was in almost 3 hours. Well worth it.

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