Saturday, March 9, 2019

Three octopuses and nice water

I was quite surprised today that the water was so clear and nice...the waves were more active than yesterday. And I saw 3 octopuses!
No, I didn't bring them home. But I thought I'd share the trash that I picked up today. Note especially the thread: not just the blue thread you see loose on the paper towel, but also the thread wrapped around the plastic that I bring along to wind fishing line around. It is incredibly hard to mash fishing line into a manageable piece and stuff it in my little dive bags. And then it gets caught in the zipper of the bags. So humbug! So I bring the plastic to help me manage it. But this wasn't fishing line and it took forever to wind it all up! And that is a long way of saying that's how I missed octopus #1's first picture: it popped up just when I was trying to wind all this mess up and get it out of the water! So my hands were engaged and not camera-ready.
So yeah, this is not the ideal photo...but the octopus is in there. He/she was just too smart to get sucked into the thread drama, but retreated into his den like any smart animal would do!

Octopus 2. Again hiding

 And octopus #3. Much more visible. It didn't move and just let me keep snapping photos. Note the pink/green shell at the edge of the den...wonder if there was a crab in it? Of course I didn't want to shock or scare the octopus, so I didn't even try to peek into the shell to see who was home.
This humu got very close. You can see the top of its head where the spike can lower or raise the spike as it wishes.
 Again, I should count these dots on the male Trunk fish!
 This time, the Pencil Urchins are accompanied by a Brighteye Chromis.
 And the Pink tail Durgon was trying to get closer to get a cleaning from the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse, waiting on the right side of the photo.
 Rain at sea. 
 Rainbow and lifeguard surfboard
 Nice shell

 Spotfin Scorpion Fish
 Supermale Christmas wrasse
 Bluefin Trevally
 And up and down photos: urchins. Yes, the one below had waaaay too many heavy rocks protecting its back. At least to my way of thinking....
And the sun was a bit warmer today, so I didn't totally freeze on the way to the car. Yay. And thanks for reading!

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