Saturday, March 30, 2019

Those DARN jelly fish!

We are all God's creatures, so I shouldn't pick on one over another, but.....Jelly Fish are NOT my faves! Fortunately, I saw the one below after I spotted an octopus. So as I duly got out to report the jelly to the lifeguards, I had already fulfilled my mission of seeing an octopus.
 The octopus was on the deep side and I saw it because a Rock Mover Wrasse was tormenting it.
 If you look at the center of the photo below, you can barely see the clear jellyfish. I reported that it was "actively swimming" and so the lifeguards did make an announcement. As I was showering off, I did see one poor boy who had gotten stung. I am grateful that I saw it and was able to evade it. I just saw the one jelly, but that's enough! You can see how they would be easy to miss in the water...
Blue spined unicorn fish
 And an eel in the den where I had seen the octopus a few days ago......I know God creates animals and some prey upon each other, but I'm hopeful, since this is the first time I saw this eel here, that the octopus escaped first. If you look really carefully, the yellow in the hole near the eel itself is its snout, with teeth showing a bit.
 Turtle #2 swimming in the Kiddie Pond.
 And #1 on the beach, snoozing.
 And for my sweetie, a lizard fish in the deep side: I dove down for you babe!
 A pair of Ornate Butterfly fish
 Pencil urchins in the usual cleft in the rock.

 And a very cute Sergeant Major fish. It always looks as if they have a Mohawk hairdo. 
Here's hoping for no jellies on the next swim. And I thank God for the safety. And that one octopus.

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