Saturday, March 2, 2019

4 seals and a box jelly

Well, the signs were up, but I had scanned the beach and spoken to the lifeguard, who had also scanned the beach. He said if it were him, he'd go in. Yesterday, no way.

So I got in, even considering a young boy had found a jelly fish in a hole near the water:

 They do look surprisingly like jelly! In the one above, if you look carefully, you can see the pink line of one of its tentacles. This one apparently died in the little hole...
So I got in and swam slowly and carefully down toward the deep side, where I usually look first. And this is what I saw:
They are hard to see. If you look carefully, you can see the "box" near the left and then the long tentacles. Just swimming along as if it had not a care in the world! Which I guess it doesn't. 

So I turned around, got out and told the lifeguard. He announced over the PA system that one had been spotted. Bummer for those who are on vacation! I told one couple about seeing the jelly. And props to them, they turned around and walked back to their car. I told them to try again tomorrow, as they are rarely in the water 3 days in a row! HOPE SO!

The octopuses were smarter than I, as I didn't see any. They had probably slid deep into their dens and stayed out of trouble!

But earlier, I was treated to seal action:

 What'd I do?!
Hanging out on the beach.

 Say what??!!

 The rainbows are so vivid.

 This was #4 arriving. And ignoring the Jellyfish warning....
Here's hoping the jellies disappear before my swim tomorrow...

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