Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Five octopuses and no jellyfish....hurray

Very happy to report that I saw absolutely no jellyfish today. And yes, that makes me very happy. I have never been stung, and hope never to be!

Five octopuses....I'm losing track of which ones might be new, but at least one was. I think.
This one was the first and only one I spotted in the deep side. Fully out and on top of the rock. And it moved a bit later, but I didn't get it on video. 
 But I did catch it changing color to brown....it hid under this rock.
 He'e #2 was a regular. I should say, it was in a regular's spot! Who knows if it was the same octopus?
 He'e 3...dark and below, peeking with tan and white coloration.

More peeking, but with the gloved hand showing it was #3. When you see more than one, sometimes you need the help in remembering which one was which.

 Octopus #4 was a really good hider. But yes, that one above is a den with surrounding rocks and an octopus.
 And #5, a regular from last time.  I am unsure what the blue is on the surrounding rocks, but I thought it was pretty. I think this den was really a smart choice: the octopus probably didn't have to do a thing to move in and it's a pretty good hidey-hole. You have to have good light and definitely the "tako-eye" to see it.
When I was sifting through the photos, I was surprised that I had less than 300 pictures; but then I remembered that I was SO COLD I had to get out after only 2 hours. Normally I can find things to amuse myself for 3 hours. We had temps in the 60's and I did have on my shorty wetsuit, but that wind chill walking from the shower to the car really did me in! Upon exiting the water and rinsing my wetsuit, I have on only a swim suit, as I have to leave my clothes in the car. (This is one problem with swimming on your own: no one to watch your gear on the beach. And no one to report if you get into trouble...but I try not to dwell on that.)
 This Blue Spined Unicorn fish came right up to me. I wondered if he thought I might have food. And yes, some shops are stupid enough to sell fish food. It's the real ocean and if the fish have to rely on human-inspired food, we are in a lot of trouble! This is right up there with the petting eels idea: stupid! and possibly dangerous. 
 This enterprising urchin found a Drupe shell to put on its back for protection. 
 But it missed the one below.
 Do you hate it when I say I gotta look something up?! I'm not sure what eel this is. But he had a nice striped pattern and those cute nostril tubes.

Mr. Lizard fish didn't move at all while I was looking at him.
 Male Trunk Fish

Palms and clouds. That's the kiddie pond, i.e., the shallower side.
 Pencil Urchin

And a nice Picasso Trigger Fish! I don't see them very often over here on Kauai, so I grabbed the chance for a photo. Or two.
 A shrimp, hiding in a hole. When you see a round tube in the sand, look inside. That's where they hide. I assume they dig it too, but not sure.

Too much eyeshadow and blusher. ha.
 Urchin breakfast. The white dots once all had those black spiny things on them.

A very cute little urchin, defying gravity. And also overloaded with baggage! 
A nice swim. Very glad for the opportunity. And now I'm home and warm!

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