Thursday, March 28, 2019

One lonely octopus

OK, I know the octopus didn't care that it was alone, but I do ascribe human characteristics to the sea animals sometimes. My bad!
And this one def preferred it, because I found it as it was being pestered by a Rock Mover Wrasse. Definitely not what an octopus likes.  And it was in the deep side, so I couldn't get really close to get a good nearby shot. Still counts!

And since it was the only one I found, I was happy to have seen it. And the seals and turtles have been missing the last few days, too. Are they all at a Marine Animal convention?!

 Christmas wrasses zoomed through the scene.
 And the Cowry shell had a divot in the top...octopus predation?
 Someone definitely had crab for dinner or breakfast...two different claws remaining.
 Male Box fish for my hubby...even though he ate the last of the homemade shortbread..
 Pencil urchins
 Picasso Trigger still around.
 And a juvenile Rock Mover. I've been seeing fewer adults too, lately.

 Nice empty shell. Since I could tell no one was using it, I brought it home.
 And the smallest urchin I've ever seen! The shell it had on top was about the size of a pencil eraser.
 Always with the polka dots! I've given up trying to count them, especially on an eel.
 Juvenile Yellow Tail Coris
When I don't see a lot of octopuses, I take far fewer pictures: only 139 today. Still a fun dive.

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