Thursday, March 7, 2019

one octopus...still happy

It would be easy to be disappointed with just one octopus. But since there have been days, thankfully few, when I see no octopuses, I'm grateful for whatever I see.

This octopus was one that was quite interested in hiding. But that didn't stop it from peeking up to see if I was still there.
 You can just see the small brown blob with eye in the crevice of the rock. 
 And then later, I was able to spot it again with more body showing...eye, siphon and tentacles.

It was a great hider. But once you know where it is, sometimes you can go back when they aren't expecting you. 
 Nice blue-spined unicorn.

 And Christmas wrasse.
 NOAA was on the beach today to tag and give a tracker to honu today. Luckily, I was already in the water, so wasn't involved in the process.
 Lizard fish and male trunk fish.
 Glad I left this money cowry  on the you can see below, it had a crab in residence.
 From the other side.
Pencil Urchin
 And this is the picked clean urchin...I think it's the same one in my earlier post this week.
 Mouthing off.

One of the volunteers, trying to see what seal this was. They do a great job.
 Bluefin Trevally
 Snowflake Moray
 Blue Spined Unicorn at a cleaning station

What not to bump into
 They were all digging for something...never did find out what!
It was a bit warmer today, so I didn't totally freeze on the way to the car.

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