Saturday, March 16, 2019

Three octofish

We call 'em octofish sometimes, just to have fun. And I saw no octofishes in the deep side today; yesterday there were 4! Not sure why the diff, but seeing any octopuses at all is a good swim, so it was.

This is #1 of 3 in the Kiddie pond. 
 #2 was harder to see, as it hid better and away from the light.

Sitting up...just to the up and right of the white rock.
 And peeking. The eye is to the left of that small red rock.


Peeking up from its den. I do like the red rocks...makes it easier to find the octopus again.

I did waggle my gloved fingers at #3....they do watch you, so I wanted to let them know it was me. Yeah, like they can tell one big blob from another! I guess that's one thing I like about them: You can tell they see you. And they react.
 Two Ambon Puffers and a small female trunk or box fish. So cute.

Ornate Butterfly fish and two 4 spots. I just like saying that.
 Side by side and nose to butt.

 Frolicking. I know some of the Monk Seal volunteers, so they give a psychic message that the seals will move down the beach so I can get in. HA.

Barred File Fish
 Busy scene with bluefin trevally, snowflake moray, Christmas and Saddle wrasse.

Christmas wrasse with light on its head.
 And bending.

Clouds and palm trees. Mostly a cloudless day, which was great, as it let the light really shine into the water.
 I think of the Brighteye Chromis as a doorman or early warning system for anything hiding in the holes..
 I actually looked this eel up before starting the post! I guess I CAN learn! Undulated Moray. Never did see the face.

Female Trunk Fish
 You can see the seal going over the rocks to get into the Keiki Pool.

Light on the Humu
 Male Trunk or Box fish

 A whole bunch of Moorish Idols and the Needle fish at the surface

An operculum and a bit of Turban shell. The inside of the shell is very shiny, so it's easy to spot them.
 Pencil Urchin and a small Saddle wrasse
 Pinktail. I enlarged it because you can see the design on its head.
 Pretty Parrot

These Tangs are pretty and also quite plentiful. I should enjoy all the fish and celebrate them, even if they aren't octopuses. Not everyone can be, after all.
 Rock Mover wrasses. There were quite a few on the reef today on the deep side, but they didn't lead me to any octo-sightings.
 Flapping seal fins and tails

Bluefin Trevally and Snowflake moray

Surfers. I was actually much closer to them than usual. I wasn't able to get them into focus, but this preserves their anonymity! 

 Turban shell hiding under a rock. It had a crab inside...see the orange legs to the right of the shell.

Urchin heavily laden
Really nice swim. I'm thankful for the nice water, not too many boisterous waves and I was able to get out quite far in the deeper side. Always nice.

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