Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Very nice swim: 7 octopuses and 2 turtles. Oh yeah, and a scorpion fish!!!

How many people do you know that rejoice about a scorpion fish? For that matter, how many routinely see them?
It was a small one. You can easily see the tail near the bottom of the photo and the fin in the middle. It moved just a bit, too. 

He'e 1...in the deeper side of the pond! This octopus enjoyed being close to its pet rocks..

This one got mad...

Peeking at me.

Peeking is a good pastime, apparently.

It is very hard to see, but on the right side, the octopus that stays in the concrete cube is there..

This is what happens when they blow sand. It blows back on them. 

 Love that aqua

 A group of needle fish
 Blue spined unicorn with sun on its face
 Great cloud pattern above the Palm tree

Eel making an escape
 Female Christmas wrasse
 Can you spot the octopus?

God's rays and rain at sea

Juvenile Hawaiian Hogfish
 Hebrew Cone shell
 The honu that swam past me
 The one below is just after I realized it was so close to me. We both sped off.
 Male Trunk Fish

Pencil Urchins
 Pinktail Durgon

Octopus peeking at me
 Rock Movers on the prowl

Snake eel moving to another hiding place
 Gotta love those sunrises

Even if you see them upside down!
The water was very flat and relatively calm, so it was a very relaxing swim. Enjoyable to da max!
And now I'm listening to Na Leo Pilimehana's Christmas album. Doesn't get any better than that.

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