Thursday, December 20, 2018

Eight octopuses in nice water....

Nice water. Seals on the beach. And octopuses in the water. What could be better?

Well, maybe rainbows and rain offshore and a seal. Yeah, that's the ticket!

When they have rocks all around, they are probably building a home for two..

I would tell you which one was #1, etc., but when I double back on them, I forget which was which! So just know there were 8 octopuses. Yeah. A great day.

Believe it or not, there's an octopus just beyond the rock...hiding pretty well.

This one was a surprise. It was within the vicinity of another octopus, so they could be friends.

 I call this peeking...they pop up above the rocks to see if I'm gone. I don't take it personally.
Two rock mover wrasse....they didn't spot any octopuses for me today.
 4 spot butterfly and bleached coral. 

A mess of Abudefduf

 Ambon Puffer

Blue spined unicorn fish
 Brighteye Chromis

Clouds and palms

Cowry shell hiding within a coral head
 This was a male Trunk Fish in the deep side..
 Did somebody call me?
 Small eel

Eggs of some kind, adhered to a rock.
 Fleabite cone shell
 I think somebody attacked this octopus...note the circular scars on its head. Hope it wasn't another octopus! I have heard they will eat other octopuses...
 Little Humu

A group of Bluefin Trevally

Pencil urchins
 Seal, looking for a place to land.

There were actually two shrimp, but only one was willing to show itself for the camera

Back to snoozing.
And there was a sock drifting on the bottom. Funny thing was I have a sock like that! So I brought it home, just in case. I can't imagine how one of my socks would have come with me into the water, but one never knows....

 Spanish Dancer nudibranch. It was also in the deeper part, so I couldn't get really close.

Yellow tail coris. Such a lovely fish.

So the water behaved. It was also low tide, so that helped me get around and get shots of things closer up. 

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