Saturday, December 15, 2018

I might have come back too early

I have had a cold/throat thing that has been going around...and today when I got into the kiddie pond, thinking the deep side might be a mistake, all I could hear was the wheezing of my lungs....not a good sign!
 But I did find 5 octopuses in one hour, so it was not a loss, by any means. But I have to get on with my early nap, so here are the pix:
 One of the 3 turtles (honu) snoozing on the beach. 

 3 honu, 3 photographers....coincidence?!
 I wasn't aware that I was that threatening, but this humu was hiding in an old octopus den..
 Octopus #1 inside an old cinder block. Even with this den, it also brought up a rock...
 Peeking at me... #2
 Octopus #3 below. looks almost like a puzzle...

 Above is #4
 And #5...really pretty hard to see, right?!
 This Humu, much smaller than the other one, dashed into the hole a second after I took this photo.
 Nice palms and clouds..
 Planet hidden in the clouds.
Waves offshore. Too bad I was wheezing...I only stayed in about an hour. But 5 octopuses in one hour is definitely a blessing!

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