Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Six octopuses again and not all the same ones...

 I am hearing you say you can't see the above surprise! The water was really bad vis in the Kiddie Pond near the's there though..
 #2 still the bad vis problem. It's the brown blog to the left of the central white rock.
 Better vis for #3. Aww, how cute. This is one of the "new" ones..
 As is #4. This one was hiding deep in a hole and spreading its arms around its head.
 #5 in the deep side.
 And #6 in deep site too, I think. I went back and forth so it's hard to remember.
A nice surprise: 2 turban shells with the operculum in as it should be!
 clouds and palms

 This cloud pic was taken from the water over the dividing rocks between deep side and kiddie pond.
 Kiddie pond, where I started out today.
 A cookie cutter shark apparently found this poor female seal. Word is she's pregnant!
 The crab that ran away. look on youtube for octopigirl7 and watch the video.
 The eyes are on stalks to the left of the body.
 My books didn't have this eel!
 The water and cloud picture is for my pal, Perry, who passed away over 1 year ago. Love you, Perry!

nice swim.

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