Tuesday, December 4, 2018

5 is not 10 but great snorkel anyway!

One can't expect to echo the record of 10 octo-sightings every day.  The stress would probably tire me out! But I enjoyed the day in the water: the waves were a bit more pressing than last time, but the tide was lower, so it's all good.

Five octo-sightings, at least 2 of which were repeats.
 This one was a new, small octopus. I saw it move under a rock because a fish was pestering it. So in the photo below, it is swimming away and the one to the left is where it landed on top of a rock with a hole in the top. Just octo-sized!
Octopus #2: I think the fish, at least, had scared it, so it kept hunkered down in the hole.

Octopus #3 was on the other side, in the kiddie pond:

If you look closely, you'll see #3's eye to the right just above the weedy rock.

 He'e #4 is the one that I see regularly and which lets me photograph it without too much fuss. Well, as you can see below, it did change color!

He'e #5 was out near the surf and rocks, so it's not a great photo, but just happy to see it.
 As you can see, the waves were kicking up a lot of sand. But in the one above, if you look closely, you'll see the siphon. And below, a bit of the suckers...
Lizard fish hiding really well! All you can see is the snout and eyes.

And the flounder was no slouch at hiding either!
Two Moorish Idols heading in the same direction for a change.

Palm tree and clouds and sunrise

 The lack of light at 7ish did make me wait to go in....it is the REAL ocean! Many predators are coming in from a difficult night of fishing, so I try to be careful...
 The crab from my last post was either dead in the hole I photographed it in, or died in the subsequent days. Bits of crab shell were the only thing remaining.

Trevally harassing eel.
 Eel not happy about it.

Juvenile Rock Mover wrasse
 Leetle tiny lizard fish!

Very nice shell. It was in such good condition, I thought it probably still had the original animal, so I didn't even pick it up.

 More palms and clouds
Pinktail Durgon...the sun caught it just right on the pink tail. 
 Adult Rock Mover Wrasse.

And the juvenile again. 
 See the little tiny hole in this white shell? I'm told that octopuses do that when they prey upon shells..

Snowflake Moray hiding....
 And moving.

Spotfin Scorpion Fish. There were 2 today.
The one below is the first one I saw.
Fascinating creatures, but not pretty.

And the urchin balanced near the edge of the rock.

 Yellow Tail Coris. Very beautiful fish. It made me wonder: I have seen them moving rocks to check underneath for prey. I first saw the Rock Movers doing this...wonder if it learned from the Rock Mover or if it always did that?
Very nice swim and I'm thankful. My friend that lives down there told me there were a lot of seals yesterday and that I probably wouldn't see any octopuses...HAH! Glad she was incorrect..

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