Saturday, December 8, 2018

Nooks and Crannies - and 6 octopuses

I was thinking today as I swam that all the undersea animals seem to fully use the nooks and crannies that they find: fish hide, octopuses hide and so do eels and scorpion fish. All the more reason to not go in and feel your way around.
 This was taken in the deep side, so the octopus is hiding rather well (just to the right of the reddish rock in the middle.)
 Here is he'e #2, with the fish that was swimming all around it.
 And the Humu that swam around it, too.
 I think this was the ground.

 Below, when I first saw it. and then
 darker brown when it got mad at me.

 I love the aqua. That's sand in the water all around it. Eye is just below the siphon (beige circle in the middle.)
 And really there's an octopus in there! This one might have the best hiding place of all: an old cement block, where it can sink back and hide.

 This is the "normal" coloration in this reef.
 And this is the same octopus, I think, when the seal swam by. (Mortal enemies)
 Almost back to normal.

 Peeking at me!

It is really hard to decide which shots to use, especially when the octopus is being so accommodating. 
6 octopuses today. and very thankful
 Rain at sea
 The black part is a leaf fish that was a really good hider, next to that rock.
 Palms, clouds and the mountain in the back.
 Above, a well hidden Cone Shell. And no, I didn't turn it over....they are venomous. It is the triangular thing in the middle.
 Female Christmas wrasse
 I think this may be a male yellow tail coris
 Two hawks and a chromis....note the latter with the pretty blue along its back.
 Humu and convict tangs
 Note the spike on the Humu's head. They can raise and lower it as they wish.
 Nice male trunk fish.
 palms, rain and the mountain
 Peacock Grouper
 And lots of rainbows!

 And the ugly scorpion fish. This one didn't can just see the mouth in the lower left of this shot.
 And the seal that swam by. They are VERY different creatures in the water!

 A Spotfin Scorpion fish.
 And the group of urchins. These have really long spines and are out in the deeper water. I am fortunate to never have come afoul of these things..
A very nice swim today....and only 600 pix! 

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