Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's the REAL ocean: note to self!

I have been thinking about doing a sub-blog...one associated with this one, but set apart somehow. If I do this, I will call it "IT'S THE REAL OCEAN!" because there are many things that the occasional snorkeler might not know and it might bite them in the ....well, it might cause trouble.

And I should have been heeding my own advice!

I read these signs every day when I get prepared to go into the water. So often, in fact, that I barely notice them anymore. I do pray for protection and also look the water over really well before going in. And I have been fortunate so far. But today gave me pause.

Since it was close to high tide, the waves coming from the Kiddie pond were colliding with the waves from the deeper side. But that's what happens all the time. I got ready to go in and, with fins in one hand and snorkel in the other, I stepped into the water. Only to be mashed in the area where the waves were colliding with each other. I thought to go out a bit further, so I did. And realized that it got deeper very quickly. (Remember I knew it was high-ish tide!) 

So the waves started moving me about and i put on my mask, without putting the snorkel in my mouth, thinking to put in my snorkel and blow out any water once I got afloat. 


The waves took me and I realized they had also taken away my fins. Fortunately, I was able to get the snorkel in my mouth, blow out the water, and go after my fins. Again fortunately, I was able to get the one fin immediately and then swim a bit to get the other one. This could have been very bad. I might have had to swim down the shoreline in order to pick up my 2nd fin. Or not found it at all.

My point in telling you this is that even if you think you are experienced, sometimes conditions just make things move another way. And not a good way!

I am very grateful that I didn't have a major problem. I will also be more careful in the future...and glad I have one! I did mention to a family with young kids that they should probably not get in the water at all, as the waves and tide were that rough. They thanked me and added that they had looked and already decided not to go in at all. Some people are less stubborn and stupid than I am.

Please be careful and ask the lifeguard before going into any water that is rough or unknown. Even if you think you know what you are doing.

All that said, and even though the conditions were bad, with sand all up in the water too, giving bad visibility, I was still able to spot 3 octopuses. Yeah, I'm surprised too. They are able to hide and they were definitely doing that today. And the bad visibility was helping them do that. But here they are:
 The brown part was the octopus, in the little alley. This is one that is now a "regular" so I know where to look for it.
 You can't really see well at all, but this is the octopus I found the other day, nestled and hiding in a concrete block. The back part is blocked off by something, not sure what, so the octopus can get in, but no one can sneak up behind it. And it was at a weird angle, too, so not a good photo.
Definitely the best of the bunch! You can see both eyes, just to the left of the siphon tube. 

Very thankful to have seen 3 octopuses in such bad conditions. But there were also great sky, cloud and palm conditions:

And two turtles sneaked by me: I said "Sorry Turtle!" to both.

Glad to be among the living and still seeing all God's great creatures. Be careful out there!

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